The Pressure on Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler


Jimmy Butler

NBA All-Star, Jimmy Butler, was not happy with his previous season with the Minnesota Timberwolves. He has been looking deep into the team that best fits him, and wants to pursue his career with. According to ESPN, “Jimmy Butler is most interested in pursuing a future with the Los Angeles Clippers.”

Jimmy Butler has also been looking into teams like the Brooklyn Nets too. According to ESPN, “The Clippers have two max contract slots available in July.” “They are emerging as a front-runner for Kawhi Leonard.” This can be a significant decision for All-Star Jimmy Butler s amazing as he is, he might be paired up with the mighty Kawhi Leonard. But with that being said, Kawhi Leonard might go to the Los Angeles Lakers. So far Jimmy has his eyes on the teams like Los Angeles Clippers and Brooklyn Nets.  There is another team he has his eyes on. That is the New York Knicks. But this is not just Jimmy getting this idea. According to ESPN, “Minnesota’s President of Basketball Operations and Coach, that he would like to be traded before reporting for Timberwolves Media Day on Monday and prefers the possibility of the Clippers- as well as the New York Knicks.” Not only does Jimmy Butler want to be traded, but the Timberwolves Basketball President of Operations and coach thought that it was best for him to go to another team. Jimmy Butler has a lot of options and interests in which team would be the best for him. But based on the information that we have read so far, he might wait one more year to be a free agent so that he can join and chose which team he would like to be on and what fits him best.

According to the information from the sources we looked at, his best interest was the Los Angeles Clippers. But there can be theories. For instance, my opinion is that All-Star Kawhi Leonard is going to go to the Los Angeles Lakers after one year with the Toronto Raptors to play with Lebron. So maybe that will make Jimmy butler want to play with Lebron and Kawhi Leonard. If so, that will be an exciting and fun team to watch. If not and Kawhi goes to the Los Angeles Clippers, then there will be another slot open for free agency. Jimmy may not have any hesitation to play for the Clippers then.

All in all, whatever happens in these next few years, I can’t wait to see what happens and how teams, players, and coaches will react to the trades that will happen. These next few years are going to be very interesting.