5-Star Assembly

Kraemer Assembly

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Kraemer Assembly

On Friday, September 21, an assembly took place in the Valencia High School Gym. During students’ 1st period, the teachers took roll, then dismissed their classes. As teachers and students walked into the gym, they saw hundreds of kids standing on their feet waving flashlights from their phones in the air as music blasted. On center stage, there was a tiger head representing a mascot, holding a “K” for Kraemer. Alongside him, were 6 other students holding the letters “a”, “e”, “m”, “e”, and “r”. All of a sudden, the tiger started to run. Startled, his friends behind him sprinted yelling, “Slow down.” It was hysterical and got everyone cheering, laughing, and full of school spirit.

After Mr. Castro, the ASB director, got the students quiet again, he introduced the new system called Five Star Student. Using this app, teachers and staff members can recognize good behavior and scan the students’ ID Cards to award them with points. Students can get noticed for being on task, having their ID card with them at all times, helping out a teacher or student, following directions, or by just being KRaemeR. Being KRaemeR is to be responsible, respectful, and kind on and off the school campus.

Once students receive a certain amount of points, they can cash them in for cool prizes or fun activities. For example, students can ride around the school campus to their classes in Jesse’s cart for a day. Another item they could purchase is a “front of the lunch line” pass that they can use for the rest of the school year. Students can also purchase a PE pass for a free mile pass or free dress pass. Nothing is better than not having to run the mile on a hot day or not having the hassle of dressing out. Finally, if students cash in a certain amount of 5-star points, they can go to school in their pajamas. These are only some rewards available by 5-star points that are earned by the students hard work and by being KReameR.

During the rest of the assembly, students played many games that involved both teacher and student volunteers. Mrs. Munoz was one of the teachers who participated in blind musical chairs along with Mrs. Kling. Blind musical chairs is just like regular musical chairs with an interesting twist. The participants were blindfolded. As the music played, they danced with the blindfolds on. Then, when the music stopped, they had to run and search for a chair. It was hilarious watching 7th and 8th graders walking right past a chair and not even know it.

Another game was the balloon pop relay. 2 teams of about 7 members were formed. Their task was to run to the chair in front of them with a balloon in their hands and try to pop it by sitting on it. There were various letters in the balloons that were found after being popped. These were scrambled and created a word that needed to be spelled out. The spectators giggled while watching their friends struggle to pop their balloon, and spelled out, “Kreamer”. Finally,  in the last game, the students and teachers played a basketball relay. It was hilarious when Ms. Sabaia and Mr. Evola had to shoot a basketball into the hoop before their team to advance to the next task. Everyone was on the edge of their seats hoping their side scored the first goal. “Go!” Mr. Castro said. Swoosh… The crowd goes wild! Ms. Sabaia shot the basketball into the hoop on her first try, and beat Mr. Evola!

The assembly concluded when ASB played a car karaoke video and performed a well-choreographed dance. The crowd had jaw-dropping expressions as they witnessed their peers do the orange justice, backflips, shooting, and many more challenging stunts. Soon,  all students were dismissed to return to our first-period class for thirty minutes and then went straight to break to discuss the thrills they had just witnessed and the new concepts that included being KRaemeR.