Kraemer to Kids


via Evan

Donate food in this coolers

 In the 2017-2018 school year, an 8th-grade student named Joseph Vortees decided to stand up and help kids in need. He put together a program at Kraemer and called it K2K or Kraemer to Kids. Every day, he would have coolers in the quad at first and second lunch and would tell the students that if anyone had clean and unopened food they could put it in the coolers and he let people know that if they had questions or couldn’t find him, they could email him or go to room 606.

During the second period announcements, he would frequently speak to the students about K2K, remind them that the coolers are out at lunch every day, and where to find him if they ever needed assistance. After school, he would take the food from the coolers and donate them to charity. His main target was to feed kids at a place called His House Shelter.

Joseph was soon recognized by the school for his great efforts at doing whatever he could to help children in need. At 8th grade promotion of the 2017-2018 school year, he was given the achievement award by Moises Plascencia. Ms. Petersen refers to Joseph as a student who exemplified what it looks like to have a heart that explodes with love and generosity for others. He is even planning to keep the program running at Valencia High School. Mr. Plascencia said that Joseph represented kindness and compassion and motivated others to think beyond themselves.

After Joseph left, Kraemer was enlisted to keep running the program because of how great the idea was. Today the program is still active and is on the same schedule as it was last year. ASB Officer Jackson Steuber was chosen to run K2K this year. He informed the students on the announcements that he was looking for some extra kids to assist him with his mission to “feed the need”. The new recruits have already met up during PRIDE in room 606 on September 27th and 28th of 2018. K2K is looking forward to receiving students’ donations and encourages them to continue to give Kraemer to kids.