Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Filipescu


Reese M.

Mrs. Filipescu in her classroom with a student.

Meet Mrs. Filipescu, a unique and expressive 7th and 8th-grade Spanish teacher at Kraemer Middle School. In her room, #408, Mrs. Filipescu doesn’t have any desk and rarely gives out worksheets because she teaches using the method, TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling). She has been teaching using this method for the last 7 years.

Mrs. Filipescu almost became a pharmacist, but luckily a friend told her about a teaching job at Kraemer Middle School and her life path changed forever. What she thought was just going to be a practice interview, turned into a career.  She was studying to be a pharmacist at Cal State Fullerton, with only one year left, when she decided to change careers and accept a job at Kraemer Middle School. That decision has paid off. In 2015, Mrs. Filipescu was awarded Teacher of the Year.

Using the TPRS method, students learn Spanish much faster and have more fun learning. Mrs. Filipescu interacts with her students and when they aren’t having the best day, she brightens it. Her class comes up with funny stories and she picks students with a sense of humor for her actors. The class comes up with names, ideas, and events to make the story better. Each class she teaches is different because every student she teaches is different. According to many of her students, Spanish is their favorite class and is the class that they look forward to the most every day. Mrs. Filipescu has a waiting list to join her Spanish elective and it is a two-year commitment. In 7th grade, her students learn Spanish 1A and in 8th-grade, they learn Spanish 1B.

Mrs. Filipescu speaks over 20 different languages and is fluent in six languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, and Romanian. She has two daughters, Tessa Marie and Audrey, and a cat called Milo. Her favorite things about being a teacher are seeing the smiles on her students’ faces when she teaches, being there for her students, and doing something that she loves.

Mrs. Filipescu can even make quizzes sound fun, she calls them celebrations. She is right, every day is a celebration in Mrs. Filipescuś class.