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Kraemer Clubs

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Interested in joining a club? Kraemer Middle School has the perfect solution.  There are many clubs to join including Cyber Patriots, Guitar Club, Kraemer Distance Runners, and Kraemer Art Club. An extracurricular activity called Colorguard will be included as well. Students will be able to be involved with their school and even earn 5-star points.

What is a 5-star and what does it do? 5-star is an app that tracks your behavior in school and how much students participate in activities by giving out points. If a student is a good role model of what Kraemer is, a teacher will ask the student for an ID card to scan students for points or give a paper with their name on it which the student will have to put their name and ID number on to turn into boxes that are for the cards specifically. When students get home they can check the points they have earned by downloading the free 5-Star Students app. Earning a certain amount of points can allow students to earn prizes.

The CyberPatriots Team is an after-school program that teaches students about cybersecurity. In this program, students learn how to protect computers and electronic devices or hardware and software from hacking and damage. The team works with Valencia High School’s Cyberpatriot team and competes in competitions that run from October to April. As long as students come to meetings from late September to around early October they can be a part of the program. This program could help a student if they wanted to be apart of Valencia’s tech program, joining cyber patriots now could benefit students in the future.

The Guitar Club is another one of Kraemer’s many clubs. In this free after-school program, students will learn the basic fundamentals of the guitar and learn to play some catchy tunes. Students do not need to have experience with the guitar or own a guitar to join. Starting on Thursday, October 4th, Guitar Club will start in Mr. Putman’s room, 402. Weekly practices are on Thursdays from 3:35-4:45 pm. Learning the guitar can not only be a cool talent but it can also benefit students academically. Being able to play an instrument can help students learn and process information easier. Playing the guitar can help achieve this.

The Kraemer Distance Runners is a program that allows students to do long distance running. Every Monday the club meets after-school at 3:30 pm and ends at 4:30 pm. The club will meet on the blacktops near the boys and girls locker rooms. P.S, this program can go towards activity and cardio logs for PE. Staying fit is part of a healthy lifestyle. Being apart of the Kraemer Distance Runners can benefit a healthy body and create a love for running.

The Kraemer Art Club is a free after-school program that allows students to draw and create unique masterpieces.  In this fun class students are able to draw and learn about the art they didn’t know before. Every week, the Kraemer Art Club will meet and do something art related. Art can help a person express themselves in a way which they can’t do in front of people. Show people what an inner artist looks like and participate in this cool club.

The KMS Colorguard is a junior high school performance group. Kraemer’s Colorguard is one of the best in Southern California and they have a reputation of winning many awards and events. Students must try out before the upcoming school year. Colorguard will meet every week for practice on Mondays and Wednesdays after 7th period. If students are apart of the team, can also join their weekly PRIDE sessions were they practice new routines and tosses. Tryout for this extracurricular activity to learn an experience of competition and socialize.

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