Should the NBA Have College Requirements?

Should the NBA have college requirements? This debate has been going on for years.  Some people think that coming straight from high school is dangerous for the kids because all the pro players will be stronger and faster than them. Another point of view is that these high school players are too skilled to be playing against kids their age. The young studs need more of a challenge. Although you must be nineteen years old to be able to play on an NBA team, the age requirement for the G-League (a minor league for the NBA) is 18 years old. So instead of going to college, the young players can play in the G-League.

The NBA should allow kids to come straight from high school. Examples of people that came from high school are Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Moses Malone, Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard, Tracy McGrady, and Shawn Kemp. Something that all of these players have in common is that they all ended up as NBA superstars. This shows that players that come straight out of high school don’t need to play college ball because they don’t need to strengthen their skills. Although some busts came out of high school, not every player can become a superstar. Also, by not going to college, the players can focus more on basketball because, in college, they have a limitation how long players can be in the gym while in the NBA, the pro players can practice as long as they want so the players can play to their full potential. They can get paid quicker too.

Another point of view of why the NBA should not allow kids to come straight out of high school is that most high schoolers lack physical and mental maturity. They will be pushed around because everyone else has way more strength. Also, the players could get injured easily because everyone in the NBA is fully grown and taller than the teenager that is still growing. These kids could also be left out as they are the only teenager on the team. The whole team could be partying while the teenager is too young to party and lacks knowledge. Therefore, he is stuck in the hotel. If the player were to make it to the NBA, they would work him way harder than they would in high school. This goes back to the lack of physical maturity. Sometimes, these kids work way too hard than they think they should so they retire early and then they have no job because they had no college education.

This debate may never be resolved, but as it stands, the NBA will continue with the one and done rule. As long as the fans are happy with the rule, the NBA won’t change what they are doing.