Tokyo Central


Anya D.

Tokyo Central

    Yorba Linda, CA- On Thursday, August 16th, crowds lined up for the soft grand opening of a new Japanese market – Tokyo Central.  Owned by Marukai Corporation U.S.A, the former bowling alley is now filled with various Japanese foods, beverages, imported goods, and more Asian products.  Located, on 18171 Imperial Highway, the store will proceed with its grand opening in October 2018.


   Five years ago, the Yorba Linda Bowl closed down, which was the last bowling alley in the city.  Plans to make the area into a Fresh Market were canceled after the North Carolina based company reduced its store expansion plans and closed its California stores.  For a couple of years, the 31,686 square foot lot sat undeveloped until last year, when Marukai Market made plans to open a Japanese store. After many months of waiting, Tokyo Central finally opened on August 16th.  


    Crowds of people as far away as Arcadia and Seal Beach traveled to see the store opening and were surprised at all the things Tokyo Central had to offer.  Tokyo Central has many types of Asian food and dishes including sashimi, shabu shabu, sushi, and ramen. A review on Yelp by Andrew S., commented that the ramen shop in the store, Hanzo Ramen, was so “good that I am not going to review it because once people [know] about it, there will be a long line there.”  The store also offers a buffet, indoor and outdoor seating, Japanese candy, weird Japanese snacks, rice, seasoning, bento boxes, bread, drinks, Hawaiian foods, liquor, sandwiches, salads, poke, produce, a sake bar, and many more Asian foods. However, the store is not just a normal Asian grocery store because it offers many more items than just typical Japanese food.  Tokyo Central provides Asian healthcare products, beauty products, toys, cute imported Japanese products, ceramics, furniture, and many other items not just relating to food.


    Tokyo Central’s parent company, Marukai Corporation U.S.A, also owns stores in San Diego, San Francisco, West Covina, Gardena, Los Angeles, and Torrance.  Tokyo Central stores are located at Gardena, Costa Mesa, Torrance, San Diego, and Yorba Linda. The store also has a membership card but some people don’t like it.  Even though the Yorba Linda store has a small parking lot, people still come to try and experience the store and take something home from the only Asian market in North Orange County.