A.I., Fiction or Reality?


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Artificial Intelligence

A.I. has been around for some time, and today it can come in many different forms. There is AI that can answer simple yes or no questions, as well as AI that is capable of playing a game against an opponent. Even though people have come far with A.I., will it ever be as intelligent as a human being? Scientists have already developed a form of AI that can learn from its past mistakes, but what scientists haven’t created is an A.I that behaves like a true human. There are a few reasons why haven’t so far, and why may not for a very long time.

The human mind is enormous. Scientists say if one were to compare the amount of information their brain could hold to space on a computer, there could be as much as 1000 terabytes or as little as 1 terabyte. If one were to try and make a robot that could function the same as the human brain, they would need a lot of storage. Another thing is that making the power needed for this AI still far exceeds what could fit into a human-sized robot. Even with a good software, scientists would still need millions of computers, in order to make a single A.I. with human-level intelligence. Even if scientists could design a robot that could get around these issues, it would still be a challenge to get the funding required.

In the end, humanity is a long way away from building A.I. that can compete with human intelligence. While today scientists simply cannot build A.I. this intelligent, perhaps someday in the future humans will work alongside robots.