Why Hasn’t Humanity Seen Aliens Yet?

For only 61 years, people have been exploring space. During that time people have found billions of planets and stars. Out of all those star systems, they still haven’t found one definite planet that contains life, but astronomers have found a few planets that could have once held life and might still hold some forms of life. With that said, why hasn’t humanity seen proof of extraterrestrials?

There are many reasons why humans haven’t discovered any aliens yet, but perhaps the simplest answer is that humans are the only advanced form of life, and there are no other advanced life forms. There are multiple other reasons why mainly revolving around the general theories of they are too far to see, they are currently not advanced enough to be seen, or they are far more advanced than us and don’t wish to be discovered. However, how much they can be proved, there are always a few issues. This argument goes on and on in a near endless solution humans just haven’t reached yet.

Another common explanation follows that lines of humans are just the only advanced life form in the universe. It may be possible that other life forms winked out of existence because they caused too much irreversible damage to their planet and thus, led to their downfall. Another conclusion is that life forms were wiped out by a mass extinction event such as an asteroid or solar flare.

Another theory is that humanity should just look longer. There is an endless void outside of our planet with only a few locations containing planets and stars. For a measure, the Milky Way is 100,000 light-years across. Humans can only see at the speed of light so there is a possibility that they are a considerable distance away currently and humans may be able to see them in the coming future. Space is endless and the fact that humans have been searching for only 60 years, humans would have to search at a precise location of the signal life forms are sending. Either way, if these theories were true the only option to find them is to keep on searching.

Extraterrestrials could be facing challenges that humans don’t have such as the theory that other life forms could be trapped beneath oceans on frozen planets. These kinds of planets and moons exist in our solar system and quite possibly, throughout the Milky Way. This is possible as having an ice barrier as a shield to protect life forms from impacts, solar flares, and nearby supernovae. Another bonus is that no matter the inhospitable atmosphere, with an ice dome, none of that will matter. Unfortunately, if aliens did live under an ice dome, humans have no chance of contacting them. They would have no idea of the world outside of it as the ice would be extremely thick also meaning that we, with today’s technology, would not be able to reach them.


We, humans, are still searching for other advanced life forms but there may be some reasons that humans may be too afraid to admit or maybe humans have to do something different in order to find them. Astronomy is a huge and complex branch of science that humans have just not discovered completely yet. The question still remains “Where is everyone?”