13 Reasons Why : Did Season 2 go too Far?

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13 Reasons Why is a Netflix original series that was primarily released on March 31, 2017. This edgy first season shocked audiences and created a lot of buzz. Originally, the young adult hit was advertised to teens and recommended to them. Because of this a lot of younger Netflix users watched the first season. Parents were offended and criticized Netflix for allowing younger parties to view the graphic show. This didn’t stop Netflix from releasing a second season. The storyline behind season two is definitely one that needs to be talked about, but did the director and writers unveil this topic in an appropriate way, or did they go too far with season two?


The first season of the show brought up the tragedies that can be high school. The show featured bullying and more explicit scenes. The two main characters in season one were Hannah Baker, the character who started the whole show; and Clay Jensen, the guy who loved Hannah the most. The whole show is based around the tragic suicide of Hannah Baker. Before she said goodbye to the world she made thirteen tapes, disclosing why she did what she did. On each tape she explained what one person did to her and why they contributed to her death. The tapes were to be passed around in order, starting with Justin Foley who was a star baseball player on the high school’s baseball team, and ending with Mr. Porter who was the schools counselor who didn’t help her pursue her abuse case. Clay was featured on the eleventh tape. The whole first season revolves around him listening to the tapes and in the meantime, sharing Hannah’s story. Towards the end of the show, audiences find out that Hannah was abused by a character who is also on the baseball team, Bryce Walker. Bryce also abused Jessica who was also featured on the tapes for being a bad friend. Anyways, Bryce is a cruel person who hurt several girls at the high school. Justin, as mentioned earlier was Jessica’s boyfriend who witnessed the abuse but couldn’t do anything about it. The season ends with all the characters except Bryce trying to figure out what to do.         


Season 2 is about trying to get justice for Hannah. Her trial against the school starts. Mrs. and Mr. Baker blame the school for Hannah’s death so the decided to sue them. They don’t want money, but instead change. They want justice! To get their justice, the Bakers ask students at Liberty High to testify. Jessica and Clay were two of the students asked. They tried their best to prove that the school did nothing when the could have done something. As each student was called to testify, they got threats to keep their mouths closed. Some of the students such as Tyler, the photographer for the yearbook were bullied to a horrible extent. This season showed scenes of abuse and violence.


The violence scenes definitely freaked out a lot of the parents. A lot of parents sent complaints to Netflix and stopped their children from watching the show. Did Netflix go too far? In my opinion, yes. Netflix should not have shown all of the scenes that created controversy. Netflix has not yet released that there will be a third season, but if there is, they definitely should be more cautious when it comes to explicit scenes.