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Skateboarding is a sport, a job, and an activity. Skateboarding has grown popular over the last year or two. People like skateboarding for different reasons, some like skateboarding because they like getting air of a ramp or because it feels good when you land a new trick. Skateboarding can be expensive because you having  to buy the board, the trucks, the wheels, and the bearings. Some people get a sponsor if they are good enough and they can get some free skateboarding gear.


There are many different ways to skateboard. People skate bowls, street, and ramps. Skateboarders who skate bowls like to literary skate the bowl. The bowl is just a regular bowl with just coping on the ends. It looks like a giant food bowl with coping on the end. Skating street is just skateboarding what is on the street. Such as a waxed curb to grind and they can also skate rails. People who skate ramps like to get air. The reason people actually do this is because they get to show off.


Skateboarding is going to be in the 2020 olympics. There are 15 million people that skateboard, 74 percent male and 26 percent female. The first skateboard was made out of wooden crate with a handle bar. The way skateboarders get a sponsorship is you send your best skateboard video to the company and then they will respond. Skateboarding might be slow in the beginning but when you get better it becomes more fun.  Skateboarders do not wear helmets and might get hurt.Did you know skateboarders die each year by getting hit by cars by not paying attention.


There are different types of skateboards. There are the regular skateboards and electric skateboards. There are a few games in skateboarding. There is a game called S.K.A.T.E. The way you play is you have to copy the other persons trick otherwise you get a S. This goes on until someone fails. Some people get mad at skateboarders because they ruin there property by doing tricks and grinds. Not all skateboarders are like that and people need to stop. People think that skateboarders are always up to no good and they should get in trouble but not all of them are like that. Skateparks are becoming popular everywhere and have gotten more people skateboarding. Overall skateboarding is a good pastime as long as you do not ruin other peoples properties and to make sure not to get hurt.  

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