Most Beloved Dessert


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A picture of fresh-made lemon bars.

Children and adults alike all look forward to the event that takes place after eating their dinner. Whether one just has a sweet tooth or simply a craving for a certain confectionery treat, everyone has their most cherished dessert. One of the best desserts to eat after dinner are lemon bars, and for many reasons.

Unlike a lot of confectionaries, this particular sweet wasn’t created until the early 60s when the first printed recipe was released to the public. The lemon bar is everything an individual with a knack for flavor could ask for, with a balance of sweet and sour in a small package. This treat consists of a thin bottom layer of shortbread and a somewhat thick top layer of lemon curd. When made correctly, the lemon curd and the shortbread creates a combination that is absolutely superb and leaves people wanting more.

Despite the fact that lemon curd and shortbread were around for hundreds of years, the concept of combining the two ingredients together did not surface until August of 1962. It was first featured in Chicago Daily Tribune as “Today’s $5 Favorite Recipe” list submitted by Eleanor Mickelson, before featuring in the 1963 Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book.

While eating certain confectionaries like chocolate, people may find that their clothes become stained and their fingers are covered in chocolate blotches. Because the lemon bars have a bottom layer of shortbread, stains or sticky residues are no longer an issue. Like pizza, lemons bars are easily handled by the crust to ensure a non-messy dessert.

Making the treat also requires very little skill and the recipe does not require a large number of ingredients. All that goes into these confectionaries are household ingredients like lemon,  flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and can be served with an optional sprinkle of powdered sugar as the concluding touch. When finished baking the bars in the oven, one is left with a sweet lemon like aroma and a batch of freshly baked lemon bars.

The lemon bar is a simple, convenient, and tasty treat anyone can make and enjoy. Although many may disagree on whether the lemon bar is in fact the most loved dessert out there, it is definitely one of the most beloved confectioneries to make at home on any type of occasion.