Wild Turkeys Smash Cars’ Windshields


via Wikimedia Commons

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Shockingly all over America, there have been many occurrences of turkeys smashing vehicle’s windshields when in motion. Apparently, turkeys enjoy running in the middle of the freeway and running into moving cars.

One incident happened in Northwest Indiana towards the end of March. A New Jersey family was heading to visit the University of Notre Dame but didn’t quite make it thanks to the turkey. It was a 30-pound turkey that crashed into their SUV’s windshield that day. Sadly, the turkey died due to the impact. Strangely, after the accident, the family was allowed to take the turkey if they wanted to and eat it, but luckily, they said no. Since that day, the family says that they are going to eat ham on Thanksgiving.

Another occurrence with a turkey happened in Illinois. The turkey crashed into the windshield on the driver’s side. Luckily the driver was alive but had several cuts all over their face. It was a 25-pound male turkey which had slammed into the car windshield. Again, the bird didn’t make it at the end of the day.

The last incident that has so far happened involving a turkey smashing into a car windshield was in Missouri. Vicki Wood was driving peacefully one day with her son and his girlfriend (who sits in the back seat) when all of a sudden a 20-pound turkey crashed into the car’s windshield. The driver noticed something flying on the left side of the freeway but just assumed it was a hawk. Little did she know, it was a 20-pound turkey that rammed into the windshield. Vicki’s son’s girlfriend was knocked out by the turkey, but all the passengers were rushed to the hospital. They all had cuts from the glass that flew everywhere when the turkey crashed into the car. The passengers and the driver had said they’d never eat a turkey again thanks to what had happened that day. Again, the turkey did not survive.

As anyone can tell, turkeys crashing into cars happen more often than you think. Every person who also experienced an accident with a turkey crashing into their car, have decided to not ever eat a turkey for Thanksgiving. Strangely, similar incidents have happened. One day a turkey ran into a library window, causing it to break and shatter. Maybe turkeys don’t have great eyesight? Who knows, but turkeys have a habit of running into glass.