Who Is Lil Tay?


via Wikimedia Commons

expensive cars probably owned by Lil Tay

Over the years, the way people have become famous has changed drastically. 20 years ago, someone would have gotten famous through TV or magazines. Now, due to the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter, anyone can become famous because of how easy it is to access these platforms.

Lil Tay is an Instagram celebrity who seemingly blew up almost overnight, going from just 255,000 followers in early April to over 2 million by late May. A quick look at her page shows that she only has twenty-some posts and a short bio saying, “Lil Tay 4 Prez.” However, she had gotten famous for all the wrong reasons.

In her videos, Lil Tay is constantly standing on expensive cars and in mansions, yelling about how she is “the youngest flexer of the century” while throwing large stacks of money and wearing designer clothes. This sounds the typical Instagram celebrity, until you find out how old this girl is. At only 9 years old, Lil Tay’s claims of being the “youngest flexer” are definitely true. After watching the videos, one can only wonder where this girl got all her money. None of her posts have any mention of her parents or where the cars and clothes came from, but it is clear that there is someone managing her behind the camera.

A recent leak shows a behind-the-scenes video of a Lil Tay video. In the background, a man’s voice can be heard, presumably her brother. Later, Lil Tay yells, “Mommy, stop! I’m filming!” From this video, it is obvious who manages the foul-mouthed 9 year old’s Instagram. Furthermore, none of the claims she makes in her videos is true. The big, empty houses she is always seen in actually belong to the real estate company her mother, Angela Tian, worked for. Tian was fired from her job when she was discovered using her boss’s car to film one of Lil Tay’s videos without permission. In an interview with ABC News, Lil Tay says that her Instagram account was all her idea, with her mother also saying that it is her daughter’s passion and dream.

There have been numerous outrageous child celebrities in the past, but Lil Tay is the most bizarre. At the young age of 9, she has become a viral internet sensation. Hopefully, this out-of-control girl matures as she gets older and comes to her senses.