Top 5 Foods To Eat During The Summer


via Pixabay

A picture of berries

During the summer it is important to eat the right food. Some people may think of ice cream or anything cold, but here the best foods to eat during the summer. Although these foods are good for the summer, they may not be the first foods to come to mind. The first item on the best foods list is radishes. Most people would not think of this as a summer food but this food is good for one’s health. This food is good because they can help clear sinuses and a sore throat. They can be eaten raw or be mixed them into other foods. They come in many different colors, and they can be different than red. Additionally, they go well with spices.

Next on this is watercress. This food helps to fight diseases such as lutein and beta-carotene. This vegetable is high in vitamins and low in calories. It is normally only eaten mixed in with something, like on a salad or sandwich. Although most people do not eat watercress by itself, it actually isn’t too bad.   

Another good food to eat during the summer is limes. This food is a bit of a sour option but can be very refreshing. They do not have to be eaten by themselves and can be mixed in with water or with other beverages. They include a lot of vitamin C and boosts one’s immune system. Some other foods that people can add lime to our chicken, pork, and plain yogurt.

Next up on the list are berries.  These fruits are good to eat all year around. They are full of different vitamins and taste good too.  In fact, they can even help to reduce stress and with memory loss. These are good with salads, smoothies, and by themselves. They taste good with a hint of sweetness. Berries come in many different varieties and are perfect for a summer day.

Last up on this list is watermelon. This fruit is perfect for summer being both tasty and hydrating. During the summer, this fruit can be enjoyed on a nice hot day. This food can be eaten by itself and is full of vitamins such as C and A. Watermelons lower the chance of getting diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and arthritis. The good thing about watermelon is that they are very easy to prepare and can be eaten plain.

During the summer, there are many foods that can be eaten to keep someone hydrated and disease free. Some taste better than others,  but should still be eaten because they will help people stay healthy.