Weirdest Hotels Around The World


via Wikimedia Commons

A picture of Dog Bark Park

When on vacation,  people visit hotels as a temporary home when they are traveling to a destination, but some hotels were designed to be the destination. From abandoned airplanes to a giant dog, these hotels serve the purpose of creating a unique experience for visitors as well as providing a place to stay.

No Man’s Fort

Built by the English, this fort is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean at Portsmouth, England and primarily served as a defense against invaders in the 1800’s. A specific battle with Napoleon was fought with this fort. Though rusty and moldy, a couple bought this fort for 43 million Euros and turned it into a luxury hotel. It now features a laser quest arena, a lighthouse, a large swimming pool, and two helipads. Usually, it is rented to one guest at a time with its waitlist filling up for months. However, a recent inspection by the British government finds that Legionella, a deadly bacteria, thrives in the hotel’s water pipes, making this hotel definitely both weird and surprising.

Dog Bark Park

This next park was built by chainsaw artists in Cottonwood, Idaho. Essentially, it’ is a huge 2 story model of a beagle that is hollowed out for guests to live in. Although it can only fit four people, it has five-star ratings all over the web. The breakfast has been rated top in the country and the hotel has been rated the top 365 places to stay by BringFido. However, the price to stay at this hotel is on the cheaper side, being at $145 a night.

Daz Park Hotel

The Daz Park Hotel is effective for a cold day without air conditioning. These are literally hollowed out concrete rolls with 2 feet of concrete surrounding the inside. People probably won’t want to stay here after they learn that these hollowed out rolls were sewer pipes. This isn’t some organized row of concrete tubes, this is random concrete tubes in the middle of random places in Austria. At about the cost of $50, visitors can rent out a small cozy concrete tube with limited lighting.

Capsulevalue Kanda

Located in Tokyo, Japan, Capsulevalue Kanda is a very efficient way to allow people to sleep with privacy. Like military bunkers, beds are stacked on top of each other and side by side. The efficiency of space trades off with the efficiency of your budget, with the cost of $45 a night. This cheap way of living has spread to other places. Airports in Helsinki have begun to implement sleeping pods for overnight stayers.

Costa Verde

If they climb up the side of a mountain and past many jungle canopies, tourists will find a red airplane with bedrooms inside. An abandoned vintage Boeing 727 is converted into a two bedroom luxury suite. It is located in the middle of a National Park located in the tropical country of Costa Rica. Visitors of Manuel Antonio National Park can stay in this abandoned liner overnight. Its wings serve as a balcony and breakfast is served in the cockpit.

Overall, there are plenty of hotels around the world, but these are the weirdest of them all. For those who are ever near these places, make sure to visit them!