The Best Water Parks in California


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A picture of Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.

Water Parks are all over the place and are very busy, especially during hot summer days. Water Parks usually have water slides, pools, and lazy rivers. California is a hot spot for water parks due to how hot it can get in the summer. People usually have a tough time deciding which water park to go to because of all the fun attractions.

Raging Waters San Dimas is an awesome water park! Raging Waters has another location in Sacramento, but the quality of the water park in San Dimas is much better. It has many fun attractions that are sure to be a thrill. The most popular attraction at this water park is the Aqua Rocket. This attraction holds four people at a time and is a hydromagnetic roller-coaster like a slide with hills and huge drops that can get up to 30 mph. The park also has 12 other water slides, as well as 3 other super fun attractions A large downside to this water park is that it is the busiest water park in California. It usually takes up to 1.5 hours to get on one ride alone. But, overall the water park is great and really fun.

Another top grade water park is Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. This water park is located in Valencia, Los Angeles. This water park has a ton of attractions such as the most popular, Bonzai Pipeline. This attraction drops a person through a trapdoor from under them 50 ft into the rest of the 200 ft slide course. The water park has around 12 attractions that are all thrilling, even the short ones, but the best part of this water park is the fact that it is a couple of feet next to Six Flags Magic Mountain, one of the greatest theme parks in the world.

The last but certainly not least water park on this list is Legoland. One of the most exciting places for kids and young adults to be is Legoland. The water park has many attractions and tons of water-themed playsets. A super popular attraction at Legoland is building a boat out of Legos, and floating it. Also, every attraction there looks like it’s made of Legos. Even a part of the water park called Pirate Reef looks like it was made out of giant pirate Lego playsets. The park is generally a nice place to go because there aren’t thousands of people there unlike Raging Waters!  

The best water parks in California are sure busy, but really fun once one of the attractions has been ridden. Water parks have a great reputation especially in California because of the really hot weather, so defeat the heat, and have fun in the cool water.