Best Starbucks Drinks for Summer


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A picture of Starbucks' iced coffee,

Summer is just around the corner and mouths are watering for a tasty, cold drink during a very hot day. With Starbucks currently having 38 drinks on its ever-changing menu (and 50-plus food items), and infinite ways to customize them, it is almost guaranteed that there will be a perfect summer drink for everybody. Despite the other delicious beverages served at  Starbucks, here are the top 5 Starbucks beverages to drink during the summer:

Starbucks’ cold brew and iced coffee are two of its most popular beverages and perfect for the summer. Iced coffee is basically coffee with ice, but there are many brewing methods with the central division being cold brew. Iced coffee can be sweetened, mellow, or sharp and the taste can differ by using different kinds of sweeteners. For an example, Starbucks’s Cold Foam Cascara Cold Brew consists of dark brown sugar, maple, and vanilla. Additionally, Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew includes a hint of a delicate float of house-made vanilla sweet cream. Furthermore, iced coffee is often a cold, wake-up beverage in the morning or a treat on a long summer night.

Starbucks’ Refresher drinks are very popular among customers and as the name suggests, Refreshers are very refreshing and is a very recommended summer drink. These refreshers are made with real fruit and are slightly caffeinated with Green Coffee Extract. Each refresher has its distinct taste depending on the fruit used to make the drink. Some popular drinks include the Strawberry Refresher, Very Berry Hibiscus, and Pink Drink. For convenience, Starbucks created three ways you can get a Refresher: handcrafted in store, sparkling drinks in grocery stores, or Starbucks VIA Refresher instant refreshers.

Starbucks recently partnered with Teavana, and these two companies combined compliments an amazing iced tea. This duo creates a perfect balance of sweet aromas, juicy flavors, and premium tea. Not only is it delicious, but it is also one of Starbucks’ healthier drinks because it’s fruit-forward and free from artificial flavors or sweeteners. Freshly steeped fruit and floral blends are lightly sweetened, then shaken with the finest teas. Many people have enjoyed: Peach Citrus White Tea Infusion, Strawberry Green Tea Infusion, and Pineapple Black Tea Infusion.  

Starbucks’ frappuccino drinks are perfect for the summer and even include some non-caffeinated versions. A frappuccino often consists of a creamy blend with ice and sweetened whipped cream. The taste can be modified by blending different flavors like coffee, vanilla bean, spicy chai, strawberry, etc into the drink. A Frappuccino will be a perfect afternoon drink during the summer due to its nice, icey and luscious taste.

During the summer, it is very important to stay hydrated and sometimes, water is the best drink to feel refreshed. Water helps keep one hydrated and regulates a person’s temperature and bodily functions. Although anyone can get water practically anywhere, customers can buy a water bottle from Starbucks and later stay in the shop and study or just relax.

In conclusion, Starbucks is known for many drinks that is able to satisfy many taste buds. According to a Kraemer student Ellen Kang,” When I drink Starbucks, I become so lit for life.” For those in need of a cool drink, make sure to stop by Starbucks to feel refreshed!