Barn Explosion Leaves 9 Officers Injured and 1 Body is Found


via Wikimedia Commons

A team of first responders

The blackened out shell of a house and the burned ruins of a barn are all that remains after an explosion and a fire that left 1 person dead and 10 first responders injured in the quiet town of North Haven, Connecticut.

On the 2nd of May at around 2 pm, first responders followed a call from a woman about a domestic disturbance. This later turned into a man locking himself inside the house forcing a regional tactical team to arrive at the scene. For several hours, officers surrounded the area around the house and a nearby barn. Officials say that a loud explosion suddenly occurred. One official stated, “The officers entered…a barn and that set off…some explosion. We don’t know if it was a boobytrapped bomb back there…” The 9 officers that made up the special tactical team suffered from bad injuries during the huge blast.

“For a few hours, the police department and SWAT team were trying to coax, in very gentle fashion, the individual out of the home,” North Haven First Selectman Michael Freda told the reporters after the bomb. “And then, as our other police officers were checking some of the surrounding areas in the back of the house, they entered…a barn, and that set off, apparently, some explosions. We don’t know if it was a booby trap bomb back there.”

Additional officers responded, along with firefighters, after the news of the bomb. The firefighters battled the fire that engulfed the barn for several moments and eventually put it out completely. At the end of the battle, police noticed the body of an unidentified person inside one of the buildings on the property.

When the sun rose, while investigators poured onto the scene of the crime, neighbors were only thinking of the injured first responders. One neighbor says, “That’s the one thing my wife and I talked about last night. When we saw…[the explosion] we were just hoping that our first responders were safe and that was our concern. Our first responders are top-notch.” Five of the ten first responders are still hospitalized as of May 3rd. Another neighbor says, “I know some of them very, very well and it was very, very scary.”

Currently, experts are performing an autopsy to determine the identity of the unknown body that was found on the property. Many neighbors have asked to keep the extremely brave police officers in our prayers.