Chef Spotlight: Rachael Ray


via Wikimedia Commons

A picture of Rachael Ray wearing a red dress

Born on August 25, 1968, in New York, Rachael Ray has been surrounded by food ever since she was a child. On both sides of her family, food is present and has made a big impact in her life. Rachael has come to star in multiple talk shows and is frequently seen in Food Network series. Married to John M. Cusimano, an actor, singer, and producer, they have a very happy life together. Over time, she has also written many books about cooking and is even considered the best selling cookbook author. Launching her own show in 2017, it became a huge hit.

Starting at an early age, she was exposed to different techniques of cooking as a result of her family with rich traditions. Her grandfather was the cook of the family, and her dad’s part of the family follow the traditions of Louisiana culture. Their family owned several restaurants and her mother overlooked a restaurant chain. This caused her to grow all around food and Rachael was exposed to an abundance of cooking styles, and even experienced the food industry. Seeking the city life, Rachael Ray moved to New York City and became educated about gourmet foods. A while after that job, she contributed in opening Agata & Valentina. When she worked in the kitchen, she noticed that the customers were buying food that was already prepared instead of groceries to prepare their own, so she started teaching. As she entered “30-Minute Mediterranean Meals,” it became widely popular, launching her career, and CBS signed her up to do a weekly segment for the evening news. From the show, came cookbooks and Rachael Ray was doing what she loved. Over time, she and Food Network partnered up, and she even received a 2006 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Service Show and a nomination for Outstanding Service Show Host. With more than 28 cookbooks, Rachael Ray is known for her helpful and informing guides to cooking for all ages.

The Rachael Ray Show features guests, and they have recipes for snacks, dessert, and more, of course, all beneficial and homemade. From barbecues to Asian cuisine, there are recipes for everything on the website. More than just food, on the official show website, there are all kinds of DIYs. Special guests invited can share their recipes, and not just involving food, but their story too. Rachael always makes sure to keep up with current events, and just had a mother’s day special a while ago. All the recipes are sure to be easy to make, healthy, and delicious.

Rachael Ray has become an influencer in the food industry, and she has become a favorite, among viewers, starting as just another person who just enjoyed cooking. To this day, she is active and admired for her ability to have such a bright personality and her skill in cooking.