Should Dogs Be Allowed In Stores?



Photo of a typical grocery store.

Most dogs are not allowed in stores because it is against the health code where food is sold or served. In some stores that don’t sell food are mostly dog-friendly, but why aren’t dogs allowed in grocery stores? Dogs aren’t allowed in these stores because The Food and Drug Administration’s Food Guide says that animals are unsanitary. Dogs, cats, birds, and other animals all apply to this law. The only type of dog that is allowed into a grocery store is a service dog, but should regular dogs be allowed into these stores?

Regular dogs can leave behind feces and contaminate things. Dogs can also tear open any packages of food while there. Other shoppers probably wouldn’t want to step or smell feces from dogs. Another reason why dogs shouldn’t be allowed into stores is that if they aren’t on a leash and they are violent, they can attack other shoppers. Dogs can also be annoying when barking. If a dog is loose and is not trained to stay with their owner, they can get lost in the store.  If the store sells clothes, Walmart for example, dogs that have fleas and ticks could infest the clothes with unwanted bugs. Regular dogs also might attack other dogs visiting the store with their owners. They also might cause a distraction to other shoppers.

Service dogs should be the only dogs allowed into any store. Service dogs are trained and would know not to attack people or leave behind feces. They are helpful for a disabled person when in the grocery store. Service dogs are usually dressed in their gear, so employees wouldn’t bother the owner. If there was another service dog in the store, the dogs are trained no to play or attack other dogs under command. They also wouldn’t really cause a distraction to other shoppers because people should know not to go up to service dogs and bother them. Service dogs overall have a good reason to be allowed into stores.

In conclusion, regular dogs shouldn’t be allowed into stores due to different reasons such as contamination and unsanitary reasons. The only type of dogs that should be allowed into stores are service dogs because they are helpful and are necessary for the owners to take them anywhere.