Should Teachers Have To Buy School Supplies?



Pile of school supplies.

An average teacher makes about $58,000 a year and this isn’t counting the taxes. Schools are sometimes unable to pay for all of the supplies and, when they can’t, teachers need to spend their own money to buy necessary supplies that should have already been provided by the school. Teachers earn their money and it should not have to be used to buy school supplies that should be provided by the school.

The amount of money a teacher earns is not a large amount and most teachers have other family members they need to take care of. A teacher would want to save their own money because they are the ones that need to pay all of the bills.  When a school doesn’t provide the teachers with what they need, the teachers need to take out a large bill out of their paycheck to help afford classroom necessities. In fact, teachers spend an average of $500 on their school. A recent survey has found that teachers pay for 77% of the school supplies, while the rest comes from parent-teacher groups and school funds. Schools that are in poverty especially has no money to spare. Schools like this normally will have students that are also in hardship. They may not be able to afford notebooks, pens, and pencils, so they will have to borrow it from the school. However, most of the time, these schools will not be able to afford it and that’s when the teachers will have to buy it on their own.

The definition of a school is an institution for educating children. When they don’t have enough materials or money to support the children, then the school is not able to teach the scholars as well as they should be. Another term for a teacher is educator, but the educators are not able to be educators when they don’t have enough materials to educate the kids with. Simple classroom supplies like writing utensils, books, and paper are often not to be found in schools.

A teacher, Teresa Danks, decided to do something about the situation. She had gotten tired of spending thousands and thousands of dollars on her $35,000 salary. So, Teresa made a poster/ petition saying that teachers needed more school supplies and that anything helped. In the end, Danks earned more than $26,000 and was able to receive some attention from the government.

Now teachers are still begging for more money from the government, so they don’t need to use their own money for the simplest school supplies. Schools should be the ones providing students with school supplies with the school’s money, not with the teachers’ money.