Do Schools Give Out Too Many A’s?



Teacher grading papers.

Recently there have been many arguments whether schools give students more A’s than they deserve. One side of this long-term debate is that many people (including parents and students themselves) believe that teachers do give students too many A’s, whereas they think the pupils should have to earn their top grades. They probably do this to hide the poor grades that students really deserve.

According to a variety of statistics, the most commonly received grade was mostly between the “B” and “A range”. In the late twentieth century, the most given grade was an A-, but at the turn of the century, A was really close to replacing the other score. Nowadays, about 40% of all students are given an A; as a result, only approximately two percent of the students earn an F. As reported by a survey from a college in Minnesota, only one-fourth of all grades given is a B, placing the C category at less than 15%.

Generations ago, students would have asked, “Will I pass the course?” or “How can I redo this assignment?” The general idea for these questions is that they received an overall grade of a C. The most probable reason that teachers today are less likely to give lower grades than before is that a large number of students don’t like being considered “average”, as would rather be known as a “straight A student”. Some may believe that students are not actually earning the grades but the teachers are grading unfairly, or are too nice. Today, as a result of the teachers’ way of grading, many phrases include, “Am I going to get a C in the class?” This shows researchers that many pupils are worried that they do not deserve the grades they end up getting. For example, in the future, if and when districts realize the problem, more students will be considered “average” (B- to C) students, when they are not expecting it at all. Generally speaking, teachers may be using A’s so that students who feel the most comfortable with straight A’s won’t have to stress out as much as the past generations (basically a disguise for the other marks).

Overall, teachers do give out too many A’s, because students are probably not able to realize and differentiate what they do and do not already know the concept of. In other words, if these schools were grading more fairly, then more students would actually be able to learn and understand the more difficult concepts, rather than the simpler ones. In conclusion, teachers should give students a grade that will help them understand what they need help on, rather than giving them all too many A’s because they feel sorry for them.