Top Desserts of All Time


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A picture of an oreo cookie cake.

There are many delicious desserts that are incredibly amazing, but which desserts are the best desserts of all time? Everyone has heard of the ordinary desserts such as cakes, brownies, and cookies, yet there are many unique and extravagant different types and flavors which make them one of the top desserts of all time.  

One of the best desserts of all time is a chocolate covered Oreo cookie cake. This is a delicious two-layer cake with a ton of oreo cream in between the cakes. It is then topped with a chocolate ganache oozing down the whole cake. People usually serve this as a birthday cake and sometimes even add their very own twist to the dessert if they make it. The cakes are devil’s food cake which makes this cake even more chocolatey.

Another dessert that is considered as one of the “top desserts” is upside down banana bread. Most people have had regular old banana bread, but this changes this classic dessert into something way more interesting. This is a Brazilian dessert that is normally eaten with ice cream or a strong coffee/tea at breakfast. This is essentially a normal banana bread recipe but with a slight twist.

Many people enjoy eating funnel cake, but s’mores funnel cake takes the “dessert game” to a whole other level. This is a graham cracker flavored funnel cake with homemade marshmallow and chocolate sauce. Not only that, it is also topped with Graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. This is a unique twist on the classic dessert, s’mores.
Adding to the top desserts of all time,  donut holes/donuts filled with ice cream have recently become very popular. This is a dessert that has started to turn into a trend everywhere. Customers are now able to get two desserts combined and for the price of one. This takes a modern twist on a glazed donut and ability to combine ice cream with yet another dessert. At some shops that sell this unique donut, they can let the customer choose which donut and/or ice cream they want.  

The last top dessert of all time is the churro bowl. This fascinating invention has people surprised and intrigued. This is basically like a waffle bowl but in a more delicious way. It is very sweet and sugary, giving the ice cream a different taste. This incredible invention is a churro lovers’ dream come true.

In conclusion, there are many interesting and delicious top desserts of all time. These desserts are very fun to eat and taste great!