Food Trucks of Los Angeles and Orange County


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A popular food truck serving up delicious food!

Gourmet food trucks often attract thousands of people each year and are a big part of the food industry. Food trucks usually target areas with lots of people, such as Los Angeles and Orange County. These tasty trucks can vary in types of food, whether it be tacos, seafood, burgers, or hotdogs, there are many food trucks that are popular and do well.

First of all, the Viking Truck is a very popular hot dog food truck. Their hot dogs are known to be very large and super flavorful. However,  the most bought item on their menu is the corn dog, which is close to 1 ½ ft. long. These corn dogs are very large and most people can’t eat more than one. A dish that is frequently bought with a corn dog is the Dragon Eggs. This side dish consists of Tater Tots, chili, cream, and sriracha. The Viking Truck is rated 4 ½ stars on yelp and is continuing to grow more and more popular! Next, Burger Monster is another popular food truck that specializes in, as the name suggests, burgers. They are well-known for their juicy and very delicious burgers and fries. One of the most purchased items is the minion fries. This dish includes fries, cheddar cheese sauce, bacon, ranch, and green onions! This food truck mainly lurks around Orange County, but be prepared for a long line!

Also on the list is Cousins Maine Lobster. Itis a family owned restaurant and food truck chain. They are found in  many big cities in the US, such as Seattle, Los Angeles, and Chicago. They specialize in gourmet Maine Lobster dishes such as Lobster rolls, sandwiches, and tacos. They also do other types of seafood like shrimp and crab. Lobster rolls tend to be a popular item on their menu, but each year people like different options. This food truck may seem a bit overpriced but it is somewhat fair in price as far as seafood trucks go. This is a hotspot in the coastal areas of LA and OC, so stay on the lookout!

Last is the Classic Taco that is a food truck that is mainly in LA, and occasionally in OC. They serve street-style tacos like many other taco food trucks. The reason that this food truck is so good is because of the fresh-cooked meat and spices that they use for their food. They also make their tortillas by hand, which people really love. There is no favorite dish for this food truck because of the large variety of food on their menu. This food truck may not seem very special but the flavors tell a different story!

People work very hard in the food truck industry and try their best to make money to get fresh ingredients and keep the food good, so gratuity is always appreciated! They all have a great variety of food and are definitely worth the experience. Each food truck is unique in the flavors and food that they serve. These are the best food trucks of LA and OC, so be sure to try them and support them!