The Only Treatment For This Baby’s Epileptic Seizures Was Illegal


via Wikimedia Commons

A crying baby

Huntingburg, Ind. – A poor two year old child named Jaelah Jerger has epilepsy, and her little body is attacked by about 30 seizures a day. Epilepsy, or seizure disorder, is a brain injury that can cause a person to experience abnormal behavior, sensations, symptoms, and even loss of consciousness. Jaelah’s first attempt in aiding her disorder was with a drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but it didn’t help at all. Not only does Jaelah suffer from her complication, but her parents are struggling emotionally whenever their daughter has a seizure. “Every time she has a seizure,” said her dad, Jade Jerger, his voice catching, “to me it’s like watching part of her life slip away.” Additionally, Jaelah’s mother, Lelah, described how her child looks helpless whenever a seizure strikes.

At last, the Jergers decided to take medication to a different level and try a remedy that they learned from the internet. It is known to be an extraction from a cannabis plant called cannabidiol, or CBD. According to the advocates, they say that the oil can help people that are diagnosed with schizophrenia, anxiety, cancer — and epilepsy. The Jergers said that there was an immediate positive progression after the medication was taken. Their miracles came true, for Jaelah no longer had seizures as often as before.

However, the Jergers reported this succession to the medical team in Indianapolis, and the next thing they knew, the Child Protective Services (CPS) was knocking at their front door. When the Jerger’s dramatized story went on public, Indiana’s attorney general wrote an opinion in The Indianapolis Star establishing that the Jerger’s use of CBD oil was illegal. Authorities seemed to be threatening the Jergers by giving them an option of letting their daughter suffer or breaking the law that could possibly lead to the loss of guardianship.

The Jergers ordered their CBD from the Stanley Brothers who claims that their version of CBD oil is legal in the US. The chemical that gets the user’s high is a substance called THC, but a staff member from the Stanley Brothers states that their CBD has nearly none of the substance. Furthermore, the CBD is not a FDA-approved drug, and it would take many years to get CBD through a drug approval process. All in all, according to the NBC news, it is factual that the Drug Enforcement Administration does not distinguish between the Stanley’s plants and marijuana, and that CBD falls “within the definition of marijuana under federal law.”

In conclusion, Indiana stopped threatening the Jergers that they’ll take Jaelah away. The state legislatures gave permission to allow Jaelah to take CBD for her rare diagnosis of epilepsy. The Jergers filed a suit to CBD for threatening them to take their daughter from them even though they were giving her medication for her own good. Lelah Jerger stated,” It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. But I don’t regret it for a second, because we’re all Jaelah has.”