Syria Bombing


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People protesting the bombing of Syria

On April 14, the US, along with Britain and France, bombed Syria. A joint airstrike targeted storage units that contain chemical weapons. The airstrike was launched one week after Syria President Bashar Al-Assad regime launched several chemical weapon attacks against citizens.

The allies of America decided where to target there airstrike, the countries decided on three main targets. These three targets all related to the Syria’s chemical weapon program, a storage facility, a command center, and finally a research center. The damages were devastating: these three missile strikes wiped out almost all of the chemical weapons that were used to attack Syrian citizens. However, still some remain which President Assad could use in the future.

This single airstrike will set Syria’s chemical attack very far back. It is estimated that the attacks will stop for now. However, there is a very small supply of chemical weapons that still exist in Syria. These chemical attacks are actually much more dangerous than people assume. On April 4th, more than 80 people were killed from a chemical bomb dropped from an airplane. Witnesses described the attack: some said that a yellow mushroom cloud rose after the chemical weapon was dropped on a one story building. Than on April 8th, 42 Syrians choked to death from a chemical attack east of Damascus. This is when the accusations of Syria’s government began. Since these attacks, President Trump has insulted President Al-Assad,calling him “A Gas killing animal”. President Trump had also threatened to do something against Al-Assad; Trump eventually retaliated with the airstrikes.

From these airstrikes, tension grows between Russia, The US, and of course, Syria. Russia has repeatedly talked about consequences after the Syria airstrike. Russian president Vladimir Putin had stated that these missile strikes were an act of aggression and should not be tolerated, although this action may seem to have a positive effect on both Syria’s citizens and America. The ugly truth is that Syria’s allies such as Iran or Russia could possibly retaliate. Seeing how America just bombed Syria, other than chemical attacks, Russia or Iran could send military renforcement down to Syria to fight off American troops. Essentially, this means the 2,000 american troops in Syria could all be in even more danger from Syria’s allies.

However, airstrikes may not be the most liable solution to this problem. The solution to these attacks are not clear and almost certainly people will get hurt. However, the chemical attacks in Syria are one of the most deadly acts of terrorism and it must stop.