Is it important to learn a 2nd language?



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Language impacts the people of the worlds race, creed, and region of the world every day. Not only does language do this, but language also helps humans express their feelings, desires, love, and emotion that people are feeling. Language is simply just the centerpiece of our world. Despite how far our world has evolved in language and communication the importance of communication is often overlooked in today’s society.


Additionally, in today’s world it would be extremely egotistic to travel to different societies and expect all of mankind to understand that person’s native tongue. Let’s just say that if someone needs to go to a different country for business related topics how is that person supposed to negotiate if they don’t have any idea whatsoever of how to speak or understand that native tongue in that country. This is the problem our society is having. In today’s world people can really be lazy when it comes to adapting to the diverse languages we know of today. It is almost impossible to adapt and get along with new people if they can’t communicate clearly through a common spoken language in that country.


Language is so vital that it can even affect positions for jobs as well. If someone is bilingual they are applying for a job that does international business with another company that can put that person miles ahead of opposing peers for that a job and higher positions in the future. Not only does language affect business, it also affects children’s education as well. Studies prove that kids who learn, and religiously practice at least one other language, tend to average better grades in school. High schools even make it mandatory for kids to learn a 2nd language. In order to prepare our future children of our country to be our next doctors, engineers, CEO’s, teachers or any job they choose we should prepare them to be at the top of their game by being bilingual, it is only going to make our next generation smarter and more beneficial to mankind.


At the end of the day people who are bilingual are more valuable to mankind. Learning a second language is only going to benefit and make our lives ten times easier. You might think to yourself, “Why would I want to learn a second language if I only talk to people in English?” never know when that one time is going to happen where have to bust it out of back pocket, and who knows maybe one day you are going to start own business or acquire a job that has high demand for a second language. Our society is way too diverse to only know one language.