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Terra-forming of Mars

As seen in the title, the Mars-One mission is all about Mars. The project strives for a human settlement on Mars in the near future. They already have their very own calendar of events, and everything all precisely planned out. Currently, the missions are being prepared, and astronauts are being selected. Additionally, funding, technology, and candidate selection are all in place and taken care of.  Whether this plan is to succeed or not is yet to be determined.


The current status of the Mars-One mission implies that things are going according to plan. In the entire plan, the biggest concern is human safety and making sure that humans will survive on Mars. Technology is constantly being advanced, and studies on the different possibilities and essentials of life on Mars is growing. After the first two rounds of the team selection, there is still a Round Three and Four to go. With one hundred candidates remaining, Round Three will definitely narrow down the future team traveling to Mars. Once the teams are narrowed down, they will start training for the difficult journey ahead that they will face. Surprisingly, knowledge and physical strength are the only basics of trying to survive on the red planet.


Funding for this mission is still going, and many companies have already chosen to sponsor their mission project. Since 2011, Mars-One has raised a total of 1 million dollars. Private investment, donations, merchandise sales, sponsorships, and more have all contributed greatly. No doubt that the mission will be extremely expensive, so they have made a financial plan. Donations from 100 countries around the world, greatly helped the small company and their impact in this world. Mars-One has estimated the amount it will take to send the first team of four people to Mars, at a staggering 6 billion dollars. They may have a far way to go, but this small project is receiving plenty of support. The team consists of Bas Lansdorp, Arno Wielders, Norbert Kraft, Bryan Versteeg, KC Frank, Tom Van Braeckel, according to their official website. Their team is hard at work making their dream become reality, and colonizing Mars. This team of extraordinary people has made plans concerning everything humans could possibly need on Mars.

They have made an entire layout of what is going to happen each year. Starting in 2011, Mars-One was founded. 2013 was the team selection, and continuing on to 2022, launching a demonstration mission. After the first launch mission, there are going to be two more, and then the teams are going to depart hopefully by 2031. It is estimated that it would take about a year to reach Mars, and land by 2032, then the quest to conquer Mars will begin. Mars-One is trying to follow this schedule to the best of the ability. Overall, the Mars mission is a team of people trying to achieve what they desire, colonizing Mars.