March For Our Lives


via ABC News

Posters at the March for Our Lives

On March 24, thousands of people gathered on the streets of Washington D.C. for a rally called March For Our Lives. This crowd was made up of kids and teens, making it the first protest organized by children. So what was this all about? A massive number of school shootings have taken place in the last few years. Gun control has been a major controversy around the U.S, with multiple laws being passed to control this violence and stop tragedies. The only thing that the U.S. government isn’t able to do is ban guns outright, since the right to carry firearms is stated in our Constitution. But since the horrific Parkland massacre on February 14, more and more people have started to speak out on their ideas of gun control. Students from affected areas formed an organization, March For Our Lives, and walked through the streets of not only Washington D.C., but other cities too such as Los Angeles, New York, Salt Lake City, Boston, and Chicago.

From the momentum of the National School Walkout, the rally was sprinkled with speakers and performances. Some recognized people who attended were Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Jimmy Fallon, and Paul McCartney. Many students also gave speeches on their views. Emma Gonzalez, the head of the rally, stayed silent for 6 minutes and 20 seconds to signify the amount of time it took for the shooter to gun down at least 17 people. Her speech was a powerful one, one that touched the hearts of many. Another student led a heartfelt chorus of Happy Birthday for a classmate that was killed, and who would’ve turned 18 on that day.

The whole day, kids were rallying about their safety concerning guns. There were multiple chants and sayings, such as “Rise Up!”, “Never Again!”, and “Enough is Enough!” Thousands of people filled the historic streets of Washington D.C. So what could did this accomplish? The students who organized this rally hope that this will end the use of guns in our nation, or at least bring it’s use down. States are hoped to end the use of certain types of guns, and/or prohibited the use of guns in certain areas. Nothing is certain yet, but all the students can do is hope for the best.