2018 World Science Festival


World Science Festival

The 2018 World Science Festival kicks off on May 29th and lasts for one whole week. The Festival is filled with over 70 events featuring facts and truths of the world of science. When the annual World Science Festival was created, it’s goal was to spread knowledge to the community of the unknown world of science. The festival also featured world famous scientists, and many other luminaries in science and arts.

The World Science Festival music and theatrical works are what draws visitors from all over the globe. Some events of the science festival are Cartographers Of The Brain: Mapping The Connectome, Quantum Reality: Space, Time, And Enlightenment, and Pondering The Imponderables: The Biggest Questions Of Cosmology.

In the event Cartographers Of The Brain: Mapping The Connectome, four neurological expert scientists pair up with a well rounded journalist, John Hockenberry, to explore the complex structure of the human brain. Imagine exploring the Earth without any of the continents mapped. This has what scientists have been dealing for years when it comes to the brain. Though, the Human Connectome Project has created a network map of the brain shining light on a unknown topic. This can help fuel future discoveries in solving psychiatric and neurological disorders, electrochemical roots of memory and behavior, and to link upbringing to child brain development.

The event, Quantum Reality: Space, Time, And Enlightenment, highlights a mysterious topic fueled of the double-slit experiment featuring four physicists paired with author Byron Green. The double-slit experiment is a demonstration that matter and light can demonstrate properties of particles or waves, or, it proves the quantum mechanical phenomenon. This experiment was performed ninety-one years ago by Davisson and Germer and since the quantum revolution shows no sign of slowing down. An event featuring theoretical physics, quantum computation, and philosophical foundations, it focuses on how quantum physics continues to have an impact on issues.

Pondering The Imponderables: The Biggest Questions Of Cosmology is an event that focuses on how the universe operates at its very core. Featuring a group of six philosophers, cosmologists, and physicists with moderator Jim Holt, they take a deep dive into the mysteries of cosmology. Is our universe alone or part of a bigger picture? What was there before the Big Bang? Why is there something rather than nothing? These our just some of the questions asked and answered as world leading scientists tackle the questions of existence.

The World 2018 Science Festival is just around the corner. Thousands of word class scientists and fascinated people of all ages flock to New York City for a show of the century.