Best Summer Destinations


via Pixabay

A picture of Barcelona city.

As summer begins to roll around the corner, families are planning their next getaway trip. From paradise islands to countries filled with rich culture, there is a place for everyone to go over the summer.

Barcelona is a gorgeous city in Spain full of rich culture and grandiose structures. When going to Barcelona, tourists should expect perfect weather conditions for the beaches surrounding the city. Other attractions include the La Sagrada Familia which is a gothic style church that brings in 3 million tourists every year. The unique towers and the complex interior of the church bring a new look to Gothic architecture and is known as Antoni Gaudi’s best work. Tourists should also check out the streets of Las Ramblas which provide shops, restaurants, and a nice two-hour walk.

Bali is another great place to visit during the summer, but it does come with humid weather.The best times are supposedly in July and August when Bali is in the dry season, making it less humid. Similar to Hawaii, Bali is a tropical Indonesian island filled with volcanoes, green valleys, and sandy beaches with turquoise waters. The island is filled with numerous paths that lead up the ancient temples and volcanoes, making it perfect for tourists wanting to go on a hike. Others may prefer the relaxing route with spa treatments and exotic cuisine. Overall, Bali is a great place to visit for both types of travelers.

Amsterdam is one of the historically impacted capitals in the Netherlands. It holds multiple museums that survived World War 2 and also holds the house in which Anne Frank hid in. Tourists also visit Vondelpark for a relaxing walk in the stunning park as they soak up the warm Amsterdam sunlight. Amsterdam is known for the numerous canals connecting all the streets. Tourists have the option of walking, taking the canal, or taking a nice bike ride around the gorgeous capital.

As the most popular city in the world, New York City is filled with excitement around every corner. From Broadway Street to Times Square, New York City is filled with places to eat, shop, and to be entertained. Tourists will also get a chance to take a picture near the Statue of Liberty or in the streets of New York due to the spectacular views during night and day. Other famous attractions include watching a hit Broadway show or watching the Blue Man Group. Overall New York is a great place to visit for the whole family or with friends.

Although there are hundreds of places for tourists to go to over the summer, these are some of the best locations that must be visited. From the unique cultures to the breathtaking views, there is a perfect vacation spot for everyone.