Orchestra Festival


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The violin.

On March 27 and 28, Advanced and Chamber orchestra students went to the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association Festival also known as SCSBOA. Festival is when all the school orchestras and bands, in the PYLUSD district, come to the Performing Arts Center to get judged and receive a rating. The ratings given are Superior, Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor. Taught by the amazing teacher, Mr. Topping, the Kraemer advanced orchestras worked hard to perform at Festival.

The first day of Festival, both Advanced and Chamber orchestra performed together. They started with an exciting piece called Allegro Gustoso, consisting of countless dynamics. Their next song was called Gavotte which mainly starred the cellos and violas. The orchestra ended with a marvelous piece called Viva Los Conquistadores. Their hard work ultimately paid off as they received Unanimous Superior. Although the day was hectic, both orchestras had fun performing and spending the day at the festival.

The second day of Festival, only Chamber orchestra performed. Although the orchestra was smaller than the first day, they performed with more advanced pieces. The orchestra started with a fast song call Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 and went down to a quiet but beautiful song called Many Miles Across the Sea. They ended with a powerful song called Danse Infernale that was sure to make the audience jump. Again, because of their hard work, they were able to receive another Unanimous Superior. This day was a lot easier since it was a second time. It was a fun day for the orchestra since their hard work resulted in the best rating.

Mr. Topping, the advanced and chamber orchestra teacher, also tried his best to make the students perform to their limit and the orchestra couldn’t have done it without him. “I’m really proud of my students for their hard work and amazing performance”. Mr. Topping says. Festival was definitely a fun and exciting experience for all orchestra students especially for those who are new to it. Every single one of the students worked hard for Festival and hope to do it again next year!