Dog-Friendly Restaurants



A picture of a dog eating an ice cream cone from Dairy Queen.

Individuals who choose to eat out typically don’t see dogs roaming around the eatery, but there are occasions when dogs are allowed to stay and dine as if they were people. However, dog-friendly restaurants don’t always have to be a walk-in-diner, restaurants like In-N-Out, Sonic, and Dairy Queen are known to serve certain dishes made for dogs through their drive-through.

In-N-Out currently serves two dog dishes called the Flying Dutchman and the pup patty, both proven to be safe for pets. The Pup Patty is simply an unsalted burger patty, while the Flying Dutchman is a burger with two beef patties and two additional cheese slices. As the Flying Dutchman is available to people, its main purpose is directed towards dogs. Other restaurants such as Dairy Queen and Sonic also have a reputation for serving a separate menu just for dogs. At Dairy Queen, customers can order the Pup Cup, a small cup of vanilla ice cream topped off with a milk bone. Sonic simply serves the typical milk bone and a Pup Cup much like Dairy Queen. However, there are also many sophisticated walk-in restaurants dogs can dine at.

Some walk-in restaurants for dogs include Creekside Coffee, Lazy Dog Cafe, and J. Christopher’s. Nestled in Sedona, Arizona, Creekside Coffee allows customers to drink off of their exquisite coffee menu while staring down a unique view of Arizona’s canyons. In an addition, this dog-friendly restaurant has a separate menu just for dogs. Their menu for Fido offers unique flavors any pet would enjoy eating. Dishes such as the Cheddar omelet with turkey jerky, Wood-fired chicken and Chef Michael’s dry mix, Steak Tartar, Five-star venison stew, and Chicken jerky cookies make up the pet menu. Lazy Dog Cafe, mainly located in California and Texas, has a simple but satisfying menu offered to dogs. Their menu is made up of a grilled burger patty and brown rice and chicken and brown rice. Due to certain restrictions from the Health Department, dogs are required to eat outside on the patio. J Christopher’s, located in Savannah, Georgia. This restaurant offers an outdoor setting on a patio cover. The dog menu includes two of their breakfast meals, The Bulldog and Puppy Chow. Each of their dishes includes potatoes, sausage, and scrambled eggs, all beneficial ingredients for a dog.

Many assume that isn’t possible to dine with their furry-haired pup. However, these boundaries shouldn’t be stopping those from wanting to eat with their pet, being as there many places that they can both dine at. For those who love their dog and would want to enjoy a meal with them, these places are the perfect spots to do just that.