Student Spotlight: Ellie P.


Charis P.

A picture of Ellie P.

Elizabeth P. is an 8th-grade GATE student who attends Kraemer Middle School. On campus, she is best known by her nickname, “Ellie.” Around school, Ellie is well-liked by her teachers, friends, and fellow peers because of her kind and funny personality. She knows how to bring a smile to anyone’s face and is always there to support others. Before going to Kraemer, Ellie attended Tynes Elementary from kindergarten to sixth grade. Ellie’s favorite part about Kraemer is the people. She enjoys going to school with all of her great friends and loves all of her teachers.

Academically, Ellie is a straight-A student, and for the most part, enjoys going to school. Her electives are ASB, Band, and Jazz Band. Her favorite subject is math and it shows because she is currently taking geometry.  Although math is her favorite subject, her favorite teachers are Mrs. Collins and Mr. Castro, who teach Social Science and ASB. Ellie plans to attend Valencia High School next year partaking in the IB program and hopefully one day becoming an ER surgeon. It’s her last year here at Kraemer and she’s both sad and excited to be leaving Kraemer. The thing she says that she will miss most about Kraemer will be her friends because most of them won’t be attending the same high school as her.

Currently, Ellie lives in Placentia with her mom and dad, older brother, Timothy, and her dog, Coco. When she’s not doing her homework or practicing color guard, Ellie likes to watch Netflix or Youtube and hang out with her friends.  Ellie isn’t too fixated on reading, but she loves watching movies. Although she doesn’t have a particular favorite, she loves watching movies specifically made by Marvel. Ellie’s favorite food is pizza and her favorite place to get it at is Pieology.  If she could travel to anywhere in the world, Ellie would choose South Korea because her nationality is Korean-American.

Overall, Ellie is a great student and friend and has definitely made Kraemer a better place.  She has made many contributions to the school through being in Peer Leadership and ASB and hopes that everyone will enjoy the same great experience as her at Kraemer! Arpi K., a friend of Ellie’s says, “She’s a great friend and always has my back and is a really well-rounded student!” If you ever see Ellie on campus, make sure to give her a high five or say “hi!”