Trump Meets With Kim Jong Un


via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un

On March 8, United States president Donald J. Trump agreed to a possible meeting with North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, taking place in late May. The location of the meeting has not been confirmed yet, but it is expected to take place at either Pyongyang, Washington DC or the DMZ, the border between North and South Korea. Some other locations that the summit could take place could be in neutral countries such as Switzerland or Sweden.

Although the meeting seems likely to happen, the chances of it happening are not as high as some think. When Trump decided to meet with Kim, who proposed the idea, the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, was traveling in Africa and was not informed of the meeting. Tillerson was not pleased with Trump’s seemingly hasty decision; furthermore, he was promptly fired. Because of this sudden agreement, absolutely no planning, and more White House drama, the meeting is completely unpredictable.

Plenty of controversial subjects are being planned to be brought up between the two leaders. One of the topics that have been talked about for a long time is nuclear disarmament. Trump has been hopeful about this, stating, “Hopefully, we’ll go in the very peaceful, beautiful path.” Ironically, he had tweeted just two months ago comparing his “nuclear button” to Kim Jong Un’s, boasting that “I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his…” South Korea has also been trying to get North Korea to denuclearize, as South Korean officials have been negotiating with their Northern counterpart about disarmament.

The three Americans that North Korea still has captive could be another topic of discussion during the summit as well. The Americans have been imprisoned for an unknown length of time in North Korean labor camps. These camps often have no regard for humanity, with most prisoners starving to death. A previous American, Otto Warmbier, was imprisoned in 2016 in North Korea for stealing a propaganda poster. In June of 2017, after 18 months of hard labor, he was freed and sent back to America in a coma. Warmbier died after a few days, on June 19.

Perhaps, this meeting between two of the world’s most infamous leaders could mean world peace at last. If the meeting happens, huge tensions could be significantly lowered. In the event that the meeting does not happen, the pressure between the United States and North Korea could possibly rise, given the current conflict taking place among the two countries. Whether or not the meeting will happen, everyone is still praying the stubbornness of the two leaders don’t cause them to press their nuclear buttons.