Can’t-Miss Food Events


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View of the Taste of Chicago festival.

There are many things to look forward to, like the upcoming World Cup, the best newly released movies, flights for citizens to go to the moon, and other exciting things are happening this year in 2018. Although there are many things to look forward to, there are also food events that will be big hits and won’t want to be missed. From a Bacon Fest to the Onion Market, there is a food festival for everyone to go to and enjoy. Some of these food festivals are free or cheap, and others everything has to be purchased. Food festivals are all around the world, and for some, are can’t-miss events.

Starting on July 11 and ending July 15, the Taste of Chicago is an outdoor food festival with music, games, drinks, and of course food. This festival has taken place every summer since 1980 in Chicago’s Grant Park by their lakefront. The Taste of Chicago has their own type of currency which is purchased at the front gate when paying for parking. Vendors give samples and sell their popular dishes, and along with yummy food, there is also music and art being sold.

Another great food festival is held in Switzerland, which is called the Onion Festival. Although it might sound odd, there are many items being sold at the festival that anyone could enjoy. This is such a big festival because of its exotic and original products sold. With over 5-tons of onions braids, jewelry, beverages, a confetti war, and even more items for children. This is a festival that needs to be appreciated and attended.

In addition to onions being celebrated, chocolate is also celebrated in many places, like Belgium, Italy, United States, and other places as well. A very popular chocolate festival is the Carolina Chocolate Festival with festivities that include a chocolate spa, cocoa 5k run/walk, live auction, Chocolate Festival day 1, and Chocolate Festival day 2. This is such a big event, they even have their own slogan,  “Celebrating Charity and Chocolate!” This food event happened February 3-4, 2018 at the Crystal Coast Civic Center in Morehead City, NC, and although it has already taken place, it happens every year so it can still be visited and enjoyed annually.

Food festivals are amazing events that need to be visited, not only is there food and drinks, but most food festivals have music, games, and accessories being sold. There is always a festival going on, sometimes nearby. Festivals are great, but add the word food in front, and they are automatically 100% better. There are many different food festivals being celebrated, bacon, chocolate, onions, and many other foods are being celebrated around the world.