American Foods that are Banned in Other Countries


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A picture of Kraft Mac and Cheese, a food that is banned in other countries.

Crunch. More crunching. Even more crunching. 17% of children in the US get 50% or more of their calories a day from junk food. Some everyday junk foods that seem normal to children and teens here in the US are actually banned in other countries, like the EU, Sweden, and Norway. Here are some food items at the grocery store that are completely banned in other countries.

Rice Krispies

It’s no surprise why this tasty treat is banned in the EU, as it contains so many sugars and lots of artificial coloring. In the coloring, a chemical called BHT is used to preserve freshness and color in the cereal. BHT can be found in chewing gum, different types of meats, like beef and chicken that use growth chemicals, butter, and some kinds of potato chips. BHT can cause hyperactivity and terrible mood swings. It can cause laughing hysterically to turn into bawling on the ground within seconds. Another symptom of BHT is a terrible illness, and sometimes even death can occur.

Non-organic Milk

In the EU, non-organic milk is banned, and for a good reason too! Non-organic milk can contain the growth hormone rBGH which contains a poisonous chemical that can lead to cancer. It can also lead to fast growth in weak bones, which can result in arthritis later in life. As a rBGH infected item, it can lead to the growth in some terrible tumors. An overdose of this milk can also lead to bad stomach aches, the lowering of blood levels, and worst of all,  death. So next time a non-organic milk carton gets tossed into the shopping cart, think about what’s really going into the body.

Kraft Mac and Cheese

The awful dyes in Kraft Mac and Cheese, Yellow 5 and Yellow 6, are found in many other foods in the US, yet these dyes are banned in Norway and in Sweden. In the EU, items can’t be sold with these dyes unless they are clearly labeled,”May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.” This clearly states that Kraft Mac and Cheese can harm children, which means that many students here at Kraemer could be directly affected. These dyes are suspected to also cause fat tumors and cancer, although it is not scientifically proven.

Even though these foods are delicious, these foods should be avoided at all costs, as they can affect much more than just a short-term stomach ache. They can cause arthritis, cancer, terrible illness and even death in a short period of time.