Student Spotlight – Ximena F.


via Ximena F.

A photo of Ximena.

Ximena F. is currently an 8th-grade honors student attending Kraemer Middle School. She is well known for her fun and loving personality at school and is loved by all of her countless friends. Ximena takes Advanced Orchestra, AVID, and even assists Mr. Grant during sixth period for her electives. Even though her three electives causes her to be at school for an extra 45 minutes, her bright character refuses to subside and instead, her excitement gives energy to all of her classmates.


Ximena dreams of the day when she can become a surgeon. She is inspired every day by her father who currently works as a doctor. With this determination, she was also able to win the AVID scholar of the 2018 school year. Her essay was chosen as one of the top three out of the numerous that were submitted at Kraemer and she was selected as the representative for our school through an interview with several staff members. Now, Ximena has to go against countless representatives from different schools in order to receive a $30,000 scholarship that she can use towards her dream university. She said, “I was really really nervous at the time of the interview and I thought I didn’t even stand a chance against the two other finalists, but when the morning announcements stated my name as the AVID Scholar of the Year, I was really happy.”


In her free time, Ximena loves to spend time with her family and friends. She lives with her two parents, and a 10-year-old little brother, Jose Luis. Her passion for music and dance also takes up a lot of time during her week. She has been playing the cello ever since she was 10 years old and has been dancing since she was in 3rd grade.


Here at Kraemer Middle School, Ximena’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Fierro. She explained, “Mrs. Fierro is a great teacher because she is really supportive of her students and she loves helping us with everything. She is the best teacher ever.” Also, her favorite dish at the dinner table is pasta with pesto sauce and a standard amount of chicken and cheese as her two toppings.


Aaron M., a friend of Ximena said, “She is an awesome person and she really cheers me up at times.” So, if you see Ximena around Kramer’s campus, make sure to say hello because she is a person that will become friends with anyone in the shortest amount of time.