Apple’s Best Selling Products



Apple Watch

One of the leaders in the technology industry is Apple. This company is famous for its technological products and innovative commercials. With around 500 Apple stores worldwide, this huge company has had many popular products that have made a lot of money.  

The iPhones are the best selling products for Apple. These smartphones kept on challenging their smartphone competition and have broken many records. One example of the popular smartphones is the iPhone 6. This product has made a record breaking 71.5 million units sold in three months. An example of how well the iPhone 6 sold is that it sold 30% more than the iPhone 5S which was the iPhone made before the iPhone 6. At June 2017, the iPhone 6 had around 222.4 million units sold and it made a revenue of $68 billion dollars. This compares to the iPhone 5S who had 78.3 million units sold with a revenue of $45.6 million dollars. The successor of the iPhone 6, the iPhone 7 sold 78.3 million models and this shows that the iPhone 6 has sold more than its successor and its predecessor.

iPhone 6 has many features that make it one of Apple’s best selling product. It has a 4.7 inch retina display, which means that it has a high resolution screen and it has a 12mp camera, which means that it has a camera that can take pictures with twelve million pixels. The iPhone 6 has the touch ID as its form of security. The phone recognizes your fingerprint and unlocks when you press your finger on the home button. Capacities of the the iPhone 6 go from 32GB and 128GB.  With a height of 5.44 inches, a width of 2.64 inches, and a depth of 0.28 inches, the iPhone 6 is light and easy to travel with. There are four colors that the iPhone 6 can be: rose gold, gold, space grey, and silver.

Some interesting facts about the iPhone 6 is that it is the first iPhone with Apple Pay. Apple Pay is a mobile payment system that was first added in the iPhone 6. There will also be several tools in the iPhone 6. The tools are a barometer for elevation, a gyroscope to measure when you are driving, and an accelerometer to measure when you are running or walking. Horizontal display was first released with the iPhone 6. The prices for the iPhone 6 are $199.00 for the 16 GB version and $399.00 for the 128GB version.

Apple is one of the greatest tech companies around. Just like the iPhone 6, Apple lovers hope for another great iPhone to buy. The iPhone 6 is truly a great model to use and buy.