Top 3 Racing Games in PC/Xbox/Playstation



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Video Games are perhaps the most popular electronic entertainment ever created. Cars and motorcycles are easy modes of transportation for people over 16 years old. The world of video games has developed racing games to allow inexperienced drivers, kids, and young adults to race awesome cars and enjoy the thrill of driving. Racing is not the most popular genre of video game out there, in fact, it is near the bottom. This does not mean that the racing video games are bad -most people just don’t like these games because they are too challenging. Some people like to expand the realism of these racing games by using mechanical racing steering wheels that can hook up to your device. These setups usually cost a very large amount of money, and they include steering wheels, shifters, pedals, big computer monitors, and even VR headsets.These setups are for the best racing games for many platforms. These are the top 3 racing games for PC/ PS4/ Xbox.


Known as the epitome of racing games, the first game on this list is Project Cars 2. This amazing video game captures all of the realism of driving a real race car with realistic sun glares,  engine damage, and true to life feel of the track conditions, in addition of over hundreds of tracks and cars. This video game came out just recently in 2017 and literally real race car drivers play this game. This game is NOT for the beginning racer because of its realism. This game is also quite expensive with a base price of $40-$60 USD. However, this game is absolutely guaranteed to give the player the feel of a real race car driver.

Another amazing racing game is Assetto Corsa. The game may not be the most realistic but is certainly close enough. For example, the landscape features of this game are unrealistic, but a very good attribute is the realism of the interiors and exteriors of the car models.This game still has some damage features but not as many as Project Cars 2. The price is worth it though with a base of $30. This racing simulator is made for the amateur to intermediate racing level. This game is very loved for the easy ability to hook up racing setups and the drift capabilities of the amazing count of over 200 cars. This game is sure to be great for the amateur, novice, and pro racers.

The last video game on this list is Dirt 4. Dirt 4 is a rally/rallycross racing video game. This game is very cool and made for all levels of racers. The game comes with a feature that most games don’t have, tutorials for different types of dirt racing. It also offers true to life handling when it comes to the collection of over 50 cars and 6 different motorsports. The game’s graphics are very nice and semi-realistic. The normal price for this game is $20-$50 because there is no other game that targets dirt motorsports that are as realistic This is a great game for kids of all ages and racing levels.


These are the top 3 racing games. They’re not the most popular because they are very challenging. Racing games are very hard but still amazing and super fun. These games offer true to life experiences and are available on many video game platforms. Most people aren’t up for the challenge, are you?