Best Places To Spend Your Money


Via Pixabay

A picture of the nighttime view in New York City, New York.

Many attractions all over the world have their own spectacle and each tries to amaze people from all around the globe. Many places maay seen fun, but may not be worth it. However the following places are worth spending money on.

Kuang Si Falls, Laos – Located in cool humid forests of Laos, the Kuang Si Falls is a leveled waterfall inviting tourists to swim in its natural turquoise colored pools. However, the flight to Laos is quite expensive. The flight can range from 1400-1600 dollars. These pools, although miraculous, are hard to reach. The waterfall is around a five mile hike to reach and can get slippery. People who are bringing children it is not  recommended for them to go on the hike. However, tourists can catch buses, boats and other vehicles which will cost around twelve or ten dollars per person to go there and back. It is pretty cheap considering that someone can stay at the pools for however these are public transportation and most of the time it will take hours to finally catch a bus. Ultimately the fastest way to travel is to book a private “Tuk Tuk” Which is an auto Rickshaw. If one is staying in a hotel, the hotel usually can phone a Tuk Tuk and would cost them around 20-25 dollars for the driver to bring tourists to the falls, wait until people finish and bring they will bring them back.

Park City, Utah –  Park City, Utah is where thrill seekers go. The whole city is lined with world class ski and snowboarding resorts. Many people all across the world go there to play winter sports and other snow related games. The flight to Utah ranges from 150-230 dollars. However the most expensive part of the tripp is the lodging. It’s almost impossible to find anywhere to stay for the night. The average price per night is around 140 dollars for a good lodge. Although this might be pricey for some, its worth experiencing top of the line snow resorts. The best way to go about this is to fly there pick out a lodge not near the ski resort, this way, the price is lower as many don’t usually like staying in those lodges since they are not convenient. However, if people leave a bit earlier in the morning, the resorts are usually filled with less people there and one can leave when it gets crowded.

New York City, New York – Last but not least, there is New York City, New York is one of the greatest cities to go shopping. The flights there are around 300 to 330 dollars. New York city is a very popular spot for tourists, fashionistas, and shoppers. Everywhere New York is filled with big name brands and trendy apparel. H&M is one of the best places to visit while someone is is New York. Not to mention Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Adidas, Nike, and so on, overall this place is filled with flea markets, shopaholics, and amazing shopping spots.

Many places all over the world are amazing, but these three destinations are the best places to spend money. From a relaxing vacation, to top of the line snow resorts, and amazing shopping spots in the Big apple.