The Mysteries Behind Being Colorblind


via Wikimedia Commons

Real scientific image simulating what being colorblind is like

Red, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow. These are just some of the colors that are seen in the world. However, what one person sees, and another persons sees could be different. Why? The majority of people will see the same thing, but about 4.5% of the population will not. The one thing that allows this to be possible, is being diagnosed as colorblind..

Being color blind isn’t exactly what people think it to be. Many people believe being color blind means seeing just shades of gray. The colors are specifically white, black, and gray. However, this is not the case the majority of the time. Most people who are colorblind just mix up their colors, which most likely are greens, and reds, and sometimes blues. A person who is colorblind, may have difficulty seeing colors during the day, and at night as well., But another person who is colorblind might see better in the light, and not as well in the dark. The answer to why this happens is because of the retina which detects the light, in addition to  the rods and cones. All these components help a normal person see clearly. However when someone is colorblind, something is missing from those three things, which ends up making them not able to see colors as well, or at all.

Believe it or not,the male gender are the ones most likely to be colorblind.. The reason for this is because there are two things that help a man see, and one thing that helps women see. The x-chromosome commonly found in women, helps them see, while on the other hand a man usually has a x-chromosome and a y-chromosome. A man has a x and y chromosome, which makes it easier for either the y or x chromosome to stop working. A woman who has just an x chromosome makes it nearly impossible for a woman to go colorblind, because they only have one function that allows them to see. It is possible though for a women to go colorblind. Some women have the same eyesight problem as men. So what have doctors done to try and help this disease? As of right now, there is no cure for it. However doctors do prescribe contacts, and colored lenses for enhanced vision for certain colors. Doctors are still working for a cure for color blindness, and one of their main ideas is to inject genetic material into the eye so it isn’t for the faint- hearted! Many other cures are being tested, and all that is known is that it will definitely have something to do with technology.

There are  many secrets still behind the mystery of being colorblind, that scientists and doctors are still trying to figure out. Doctors still are looking for cures, and scientists still think there may be something behind being colorblind we still don’t know. Color Blindness has stumped America’s best scientists and doctors, and they are still searching for the answers of why people are colorblind in the first place.