Floating Pizza Bar in the South Pacific Ocean


Wikimedia Commons

A picture of a freshly-baked pizza.

The ocean and a pizza bar combined equals Cloud 9, literally. Located just off of Malolo Islands, a pizza bar floats, creating one of the main attractions in Fiji. Since it’s located in the middle of the ocean, the only way to get to Cloud 9 is to take a boat. The boat carries 26 people at a time meaning the bar won’t be too crowded. It will take about 45 minutes to get there and once  the boat ride is over, there is the option of eating fresh, wood fired pizza, refreshing drinks, and dessert.

After eating, there are numerous activities for everyone to do. At Cloud 9, there are many chairs and couches that can be used for sleeping, tanning, or just talking. If hanging out on couches and chairs are too boring, jet skiing may be able to catch anyone’s eye. As stated on the official Cloud 9 website, “Jet Ski over the clear blue water past beautiful islands and visit the uninhabited Modriki island famous for the cave where the movie ‘Castaway’ was shot with Tom Hanks.” Also, tours to the nearby Fiji islands are a big hit since it requires taking a jetboard as transportation. The tour lasts about 30 minutes to 1 hour. If  that’s not exhilarating enough, just flat out swimming in the ocean is another option. While swimming, there may be some nice background music and a DJ rocking out the bar. Another activity that may also be interesting is parasailing. Flying time is around 10-12 minutes, but the whole trip is around 1 hour.

Many travellers have gone to Fiji and have said that their favorite part was the floating pizza bar. Some have said that the pizza was delicious, the drinks were refreshing, and the activities were exhilarating. Since the bar hosts parties and weddings, travellers have stated that Cloud 9 is a great place to party. On the down side, others have said that the prices were too expensive and it was a bit crowded at times. Also, the pizza had taken too much time to make. Even though there were a few flaws, many people have said that this pizza place is a great place to hang out.

Overall, this floating pizza bar is a great place to go whenever one goes to Fiji. Along with the many fun water activities, great food, and nice cool drinks, Cloud 9 is a perfect place to have fun and let off some steam.