Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Jones


via Ms. Jones

A picture of Ms. Jones in front of the White House.

One of the most incredible, amazing and inspirational teachers here at Kraemer Middle School is Ms. Jones. On campus, she teaches Coed P.E. with 7th and 8th graders. She has been teaching at Kraemer Middle School for 21 years and has only taught at the best school, Kraemer.

To begin with, Ms. Jones attended a variety of different universities. She started off at Santa Rosa Jr. College, where she played on the tennis team for two years. After going to Santa Rosa, Ms. J went to California State University, Chico also known as Chico State. This college is Ms. Jones’ personal favorite. She said, “It is the absolute best college in California .” The last university Ms. Jones attended before becoming a teacher was Azusa Pacific University, in 2001. At Azusa, she obtained her Masters degree with Mr. Groff, Mr. Morris and Mr. Kane.

In her freetime, Ms. Jones loves to run and go to Long Beach State baseball games. This fantastic teacher has ran many half marathons and continues to do so today. Surprisingly, Ms. J ran 14 half marathons in 2014. Moving onto sports, Ms. Jones is a season ticket holder to Long Beach State Baseball. She enjoys going to the games and cheering for the 49ers. She undoubtedly enjoys going to the games when Long Beach State goes against their biggest rival, Cal State Fullerton.

When it comes to food, Ms. Jones really enjoys Italian food. Her favorite Italian food would have to be gnocchi, which is a little potato dumpling. She adores eating gnocchi in creamy pesto sauce and loves it very much. Ms. J normally tries to eat gnocchi before a half marathon. If she was able to travel anywhere in the world of her choice, she says she’d enjoy going to Scotland, Ireland and eat her way through Italy. Overall, Ms. J says she’d go anywhere if someone else was paying for it. Also, Ms. Jones’ favorite holiday is Easter. She loves spring break because she gets to take 30 8th graders to Washington DC and New York City. Even though she has done this 10 times, she says that every trip is a new experience. She loves watching the 8th grader’s reactions to all the marvelous sights they’ve seen and learned about in their history class.  

All in all, her favorite thing about being a teacher is working with 12 to 14 year olds. She loves teaching new activities to students and helping them succeed with their fitness goals. As any person can tell, Ms. Jones is such a great P.E. teacher and motivates all her students to be successful in physical fitness.