Are We Becoming Numb To School Shootings?


Wikimedia Commons

A picture of a school classroom

Since 2013, the United States has had almost 300 school shootings, an average of about one per week. As news of school shooting occur on a weekly basis, it seems as if many Americans are becoming more numb to the constant reports. How many more shootings do we have to witness until our leaders pass stricter laws on gun control that almost seems like common sense? Will all the students in America ever feel safe about attending school?


In the past, news of a school shooting would have been made the nation headline. Whether anyone was injured or not, the idea of the intentional action would have brought horror to many Americans. Now, school shootings are treated like everyday occurrences, just like minor traffic accidents. They don’t seem as important as an NBA win or a scandal of a celebrity we adore. The loss of lives are no longer leaving an impact of our lives.


The most shocking factor in our gun laws is how these weapons are considered as legalized. An AR-15 with a plastic grip is considered illegal while an AR-15 with a different grip is considered legal. This slight difference in a weapon for mass genocide provides school shooters the power to cause the deaths of innocent students. Many have been protesting for stricter laws for the past years, but the government has not taken any major action yet. Perhaps they are becoming numb to the constant deaths as well


Just in the year of 2018, there has been 17 school shooting and yet, many of us are not even aware of most of these incidents. We are becoming numb to school shootings. We are deprived of the feeling of sorrow and grief. School safety advocates have said that the shock factor of school shootings have disappeared, making them seem like a common part of our weekly lives.


Our society is becoming more and more immune to school shootings. It happens so frequently that it just does not concern us anymore. We’ve become numb to the repetitive tragedies that it seems almost too casual. Students are growing up with these news that they almost expect it to happen now.


It used to be a rare thing. Gunshots in a place where students are supposed to learn. But now, it almost seems natural, as if we are waiting for something to happen. Every school shooting is less shocking that the one before. It has now become somewhat of a “common tragedy”.