Why You Should Have a Passport


via Blue Season Bali

Always have a passport handy for last-minute travel!

To begin, a passport is a travel document in the form of a book that proves your identification with a photo, name, birth date and residence. The passport will also last the user up to ten years, so the owner won’t have to worry about the expiration date.

There are a variety of reasons to have a passport. Sometimes, people are invited to an event in another country. In this instance, when one already owns a passport, they can calm down and get ready for the event, because they will not have to wait at least six weeks to receive one. Basically, the moral is, always be prepared with a passport and blank pages ready, because sometimes there will be surprises where one must travel to another country.

Another reason to keep a passport handy is that it can function as a legal ID. In one instance, someone loses their driver’s license. A positive thing to having the booklet is that it has the photo of the user which can be found on one of the front pages. However, it cannot be used as a functioning license, as it doesn’t have any information about the user’s driving status. Along with the photo and identification, since no one can issue multiple passports with the same child legally, some people may put the child under their name on their passport. In that case, they don’t have to worry that their ex-spouse will attempt to kidnap the child.

Recently, starting on January 22nd, if one’s driver’s license fails to meet certain standards, the owner must carry a passport even for domestic flights.  So the moral is to always keep a passport if the government changes the requirements or if the license expires.

In most cases, someone would be required to own a passport to show identification and to prove that they were actually in the country. Sometimes people have to travel out of the U.S. because of their job. Others may use it as a legal identification if they lost their driver’s license or they want to protect their children from an ex-spouse. A few may just want to have one because they are wary about the expiration date of their license, or they failed to meet the government’s standards to own one. To summarize, people should always keep a passport just in case of a surprise trip or in cases of an emergency.