Staff Spotlight-Mrs. Sabia


via Savannah K.

A picture of Ms. Sabia.

Mrs. Sabia is a wonderful math teacher for seventh-grade students. Not only does she teach straight seventh-grade math, but she also teachers 7th-8th grade accelerated. She has been teaching here at Kramer for three  years and before that taught for two years at other schools in the PYLUSD district. During the day she teaches and at night she is taught. Mrs. Sabia currently is attending California State University Fullerton to get her Master’s Degree in Mathematics. She sure has a huge workload! How does she handle it all? Mrs. Sabia stated, “In order to successfully handle a stressful workload, I believe it is absolutely necessary to remember to take personal time to rest and focus on relationships. I make sure that I allow myself enough time every night to get a good night’s rest, and I ensure that I make time to work out regularly. Also, I do my best to spend time with the people I love, as often as I can. Doing these things helps me maintain my energy, while also keeping my mind clear.”.

I am honored that you chose me for your spotlight!” she said when she found out she was being written about for Kraemer’s Newspaper. Most  students feel Mrs. Sabia is one of their favorite teachers due to her natural kindness and caring way she teaches. She intrigues her students into what she is teaching with her embracing sweetness. “Even the most boring of lessons can become fun when Mrs. Sabia puts her twist on it. I never really looked forward to math, but now I do; and it’s all because of her,” said Lois H. who is in Mrs. Sabias 5th Period math class. And other students including: Maddie S., Elena T., Haley P. and many more agree. How did she make so many students love her? Lets see what one of her other students has to say. “She is so sweet and young, she cares about us all so much!” said Sydney Fenstermaker who is in Mrs. Sabia’s 6th period class.


Teaching was Mrs. Sabia’ first major job, therefore it means a lot to her. To get to where she is today she attended Biola University and worked extremely hard to get her teaching degree. Some of her hobbies include snowboarding (which she is very passionate about), traveling, working out, and tricking her students apparently.  Towards the beginning of the year Mrs. Sabia tricked most of her students by pretending Mrs. Stills, a GATE Social Studies teacher, was her twin sister. A lot of students believed her and some still do. She ended up telling her students, but some of Mrs. Stills still believe this hilarious stunt.


If Mrs. Sabia got the chance to travel anywhere in the world for a week, she would choose  the Philippines, Japan, Australia, Sweden, or Germany. She has also planned to go to Greece because she is intrigued by the people. If given one-million dollars, Mrs. Sabia would help people in need and the people she loves and would buy herself a home with the remaining wealth

Overall, Mrs. Sabia is a hardworking and dedicated teacher that all of her students love. She is remarkable because even though she is under a lot of stress with her own schooling, she still makes time for her students and family.