The Kraemer Kickoff – After School Dance


via Mr. Castro

The students that attended the Kraemer Kickoff.

The Kraemer Kickoff was the third to last school dance ran by the ASB students. It took place on February 2, 2018, from 3:30 to 5:30 P.M., with many sports-themed games and activities. ASB spent four weeks devoting their time to creating posters, decorations, and booths to create an upbeat atmosphere for Kraemer students. They sold tickets for five dollars to attend the dance, or if students bought it for ten dollars at the beginning of the year they would get it for free.


At the dance, ASB sold nachos pizza, cotton candy, and popcorn, along with running game booths, a dance floor, and a karaoke room. A new addition to the dance was a prize table where can purchase prizes such as mini foam fingers, inflatable sports balls, lanyards, water bottles, and much more. ASB also added a spinning prize wheel, where tickets won from any of the ASB games can be used to spin the wheel for prizes. The last game can win prizes is called “lollipop”. At this booth, pull lollipops from a stand to see if they have a gold tip. If the student pulls the golden tip, they win a prize.


If students don’t feel like playing games, ASB had set up options such as a karaoke room, a dance floor, and an obstacle course. In the karaoke room students could go up to the awesome workers, Tushaar and David, and ask them to play any song that they like. On the big screen the words would pop up and students could sing along with their friends. On the dance floor, a DJ was blasting the biggest hits of 2017-2018 for the dancers to rock out to. Mr. Castro even held a dance competition for the best Kreamer dancers to compete. The obstacle course was a hit with the students. ASB set up a sports theme course that people had to run, crawl and overall get through with the fastest time.


The food at the dance was also incredible. The prices were so low, and the quality was high. For the price of one ticket, students could get nachos, a slice of pizza, cotton candy, popcorn, or ice cream.


The Kreamer Kickoff was a great start to the third quarter. In the dance, can meet new friends and start the quarter the right way. As the school year is a little bit more than half way over, students should experience the dances set up by the amazing ASB students.