Best Hotels in the Caribbean



A picture of a Caribbean beach

The Caribbean has many high-class hotels that are all wonderful to stay in, but these five hotels are the best to stay in. Many hotels have necessities for the guest but hotels like these go overboard and have top quality service for their visitors.

Baoase Luxury Resort, Willemstad Curacao

This luxurious boutique hotel includes a mere 23 rooms which are all suites and villas. Baoase Resort is on the southeastern side of Curacao and is on its own private island. Reviews have stated that this hotel has an energetic staff and is in a prime location for the private beaches around the hotel. Guests at the Baoase Resort boast about the beachfront view suites and their private pools. Visitors wrote reviews of how Baoase was like a heaven on Earth and how the service of the staff surprised them. Some other added bonuses that Baoase has are a free wireless internet, separate shower and tub, desk and workspace, and rooms with patios and balconies. All in all, this 5-star hotel is a luxury to stay in.

Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman

There are so many things to do at the Ritz Carlton, it will be hard to choose where guests should go first. This hotel has a shoreline that extends 144 acres from the Caribbean to North Sound. There is a Greg Norman-designed nine-hole golf course where guests can reserve a tee time. Also, complimentary kayaks, rafts, and snorkeling gear are available. This resort has a maximum capacity of 375 rooms and is good for business, family trips, couples, and groups. The Ritz has an astonishing ocean view and is rated five stars for its unparalleled luxury.

Jamaica Inn

This extensive 48 room hotel has been a private beach hotel in Ocho Rios since the 1950s. From the Jamaica Inn, guests can see awe-inspiring views of mountains, the bay, and the ocean. All rooms come with complimentary wifi and parking. Mini fridges, private balconies, and patios are included in all of the guest rooms. This hotel gives a variety of rooms including villas, suites, and cottages. Jamaica Inn is best suited for couples and it is styled like a traditional house from early Ocho Rios. An Ocean Spa is also available at the Jamaica Inn with complimentary fruit punch at 11:00 a.m and in the afternoon, they serve tea with snacks. Jamaica Inn can be a relaxing time where don’t even have to leave the hotel because of all the activities and entertainment that is provided.

Jumby Bay

This excessively luxurious hotel is on Long Island which is small and  2 miles off northeast coast Antigua. The Jumby Bay has 40 rooms which include: free wifi, a workspace, adjoining rooms, and premium channels on the television. Even though the cost of the hotel is a bit pricey, visitors say that their money is well spent. Guests have had barely any complaints due to the hotels top-quality service, pristine suites, and spectacular sights. The resort itself provides land and water sports. Also, there are two pools and a sense spa.  This extravagant hotel might be costly, but anyone who goes there knows that it was worth it.


Eden Rock – St. Barthelemy

Visitors have had 60 years worth of good times at Eden Rocks, the first hotel ever to be opened up on St Barts. This exclusive hotel contains 34 breathtaking rooms which all have stayed elegant and pristine for the past 60 years. Each room is unique in its own way with neutral and different tones and private terraces.  Eden Rock sits on St. Jean Bay on the island’s northern shore, which grants visitors access to smooth sands and a nearby coral reef. This hotel has the primary view of the ocean and is best for, couples, families, and groups. Guests at the Eden Rock say every penny on this trip was well spent and it definitely seems like it.

All in all, there are many different hotels on the Caribbean but 5 of them are on a different level compared to the rest. These hotels have top class service with each of them providing a uniquely different thing. Staying at these hotels wouldn’t just be a luxury but maybe one of the greatest trips in a lifetime.